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  1. i made this page so gamers can ask question and not make a new topic just for a answer cause thats a wast of a topic space help topic is one example of a waste of topic had this been here he could had posted here instead. so ask a Q and maybe you will get an A.
  2. i know a place where there is a suitcase with 12k in it but first you have to get lung compasitey up to at least 80/100 before you get it second the option to buy ammo for a gun avalibel at the gun store........ ill detail tell you first you have a gun then you click on the upgrades when this menu pops up there at the top will be something that says 20xrounds (number differs for gun) and this is the ammo to buy for the gun theirs also a button the y or x is the one to change it from 20xrounds to full ammo which cost more but is useful. and then watch this video and don't for get to pause the video at the beginning to see where on the left top of the map you need to go
  3. trevor tiyed some guy up to the pole under the bordwalk with the park rides on it and trevor was yelling something.
  4. i think there is a smg in the park rangers Granger parked at the vinewood sign watch out for guards and good luck checking on this one . i found it when i stole it and i knew it was not there when i got in the Granger.
  5. i like that you can use the web from your phone and check the bank account to see your spending's and earnings.
  6. i put a cop car in michals garage and when i came back it was gone but i thought it was his wife since she told me to get rid
  7. I think just go into your social club account then snap a pic of that pic and attach it here this would never work for i have no social club account i wish i did but i don't cause i don't.
  8. if i knew how to take photos off my camera and put them here id do it cause my guide has a map of all the scrap paper locations. please tell me how to get the photos on here.
  9. Jerry can is at most gas stations if you need one to use so its not money out your pocket. Jerry can is a red container full of gas and can be seen for sale at gun shop but why would you ever buy one when there's one to pick up at the local gas station.
  10. strange things. Don't know is this is a e-egg but it is strange Franklens voice sounds a lot like cjs after playing the game for a while. When you have Trevor and you walk around the neighbor hood theirs a spot were a rottweiler is at and if you shoot it a bunch of red dot(5) will pop up on map and try to kill you so put some holes in them. Correction when unarmed in car hitting lb makes every one flip off other cars If you go to the kifflom website each guy will say three things about it if you click the links on page.(not advertisements)
  12. i dislike that the dumper is slower than a tractor.
  13. All weapons upgrades free While a mission is active, go to the gun shop, and buy all of the upgrades for every available weapon and some grenade. Once you have obtained all of the upgrades, leave the gun shop, and use one of the grenades to kill yourself. This will cause the mission to fail, and you will start the mission over. When the mission restarts, you will have all of your money back from the purchases in the gun shop. Go back to the gun store, and all the weapon upgrades will still have a checkmark. Repeat this process when new weapons become available.found at cheat code central.
  14. i hate you! i was going to tow a semi hooked to a trailer so now ill step it up on and add another tow truck.
  15. i noticed some thing with the ingame map that it only shows were you have been so we will proboly have to go all over the map be for you can see the whole thing but i know why they did this. (they did it so you have to explore it)
  16. right after intro missions i went to a gun store to see what they had then i folowed a trams tracks all the way to the airport were i made a mistake and went on the tarmack and them fellers know how to shoot after get out of the hospetial i found a simi and a trailer and tore the grass up at a golf course which in retune the old basterds called the cops wich after they killed me i turnd it off cause i was tired.
  17. holy shit this towns so big i can't find the exit

  18. well thanks but how will they know not to spam
  19. those are some real good finds but idk what the first one was really showing.
  20. If you find any Easter eggs or other hidden things post a picture or tell us about it here.
  21. too bad i have no cheat coads. but there are 14 hours left

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      I have to get it on Saturday... :(

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      i never thoght i see the day the timer hit zero days and soon zero minutes,then its all going to happen.