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  1. wtf is gunshit he should be all over this by now unless he doesn't know which for some people is a good idea?. (9:06 AM) any way im here and im happy to see the map and blimp. edit wtf is gunsmith 117.
  2. i hope this is just a scaled down version of the map and that Los Santos is a lot bigger looking cause that is a little small then what was said about the city. ps i bet the top right corner is where the military base would be put but it could be the middle of the country side.
  3. i defiantly like the view of the map and i also would get the collectors just to drive the blimp but i bet some how some way a player will find a secret way to get the blimp. if i can't drive it then i will blow it up.
  4. fuck yea the collectors edition im so getting it as so as i find some money cause im broke.
  5. this is a little off topic but worth putting out there. i think i would be cool if they give us a cheat for a train but you will have to be near tracks for it to pop up because i remember allways wanting to drive a train but did not want to wait at the station to get one. pluse if you were not near any it should pop up in the road .
  6. i wonder how and where we are suppose to take the boat&airplane to put modifications on it. the boat mod place would probably be a dock with a shed and boat ramp covered with two cranes to help raise and lower the boats in an out of water. the airplane mod place would probably be a large air hanger with random pieces of planes scattered a round it and the inside will have all kinds of thing hanging off of the ceiling. it would be cool if im half right about both.
  7. oh i don't like what it said it said there will only be 5 stars. and why be square, did they forget how to make circle. but i guess if they want a square they can have a square but i like the circle better. on the other hand i will be able to see more of the map so i can see why it would be a good idea.
  8. im confused on why you guys keep making the minemap square? i thought the minemap is supost to be a circle with the health, armor, and special bar wraped around it.
  9. The official game guides (usually made by Brady Games) have a vehicle list oh good i was beginning to get worried that we would have to find them all by are self's and miss one or two.
  10. yes sticky bombs are nice till you put them on a car for a car bomb and as soon as you drive it they go boom. but i think the kind that waits until you hit the button are a lot safer to do that with, to bad R* can't have both satchel charges and sticky bombs. yes with both we will have more fun or if the sticky bombs stick to every thing that will be fun to.
  11. see told you people it might be a train car or some thing close to that. and you guys thought i aint smart.
  12. i still think it a boat or plane that has shit in it they want that is wrecked. but if it is not a boat or plane then it is a train car that derailed off the bridge to the water below. hey gunsmith im right here.
  13. ^ i have not a clue to what he is so upset about so i hope i have never acted like this ether or that would be dumb. what i do know is black sox could be finding some thing i did not bother to find.
  14. i agree with bones on what he is saying. you guys seem to for get a video game is a computer program and is programed to do things so it would not know that in real life cops would not want to ride on the side of a suv going 70mph down the freeway in hot pursuit all it knows is when the bad guy is being chased buy suv's that cops have to hang off the side of the suv. i hope this is more clearer to what bones is probably trying to get at.
  15. I myself am looking forward to rolling them and crushing the guys on the outside. Cause that's what they get for being there. sorry to tell you this but it might not work cause i tried ramming the people on the back of the garbage truck on gta iv and they don't even get a scratch on them. hey if they want to commit suicide they can but im riding on the roof wear its safer. but yea i would not want to be them in that position Gay Cop Joke ,"oh no your slipping grab my dick and ill pull you back up"..
  16. make this true i beg you. killing and not having any one know about would be great.
  17. i thought it was a pretty good story. but half the people on here wont take the time to read it.
  18. i would like to be one of them and then find and follow the other one around to see what they do while you are not using them. do you get what i am saying.
  19. one that under water image looks like it is a boat or air plane there looking at. two yes police bikes now i can have more fun with the cops.
  20. on the gta3's games era you could i know, i have on the backs of semis and on top of taxis in Vice City and San Andres and Liberty City. its the only way to travel when you don't want to drive but shoot people it also worked with the freight trains flat cars in SA.
  21. since were talking about better handling cars i wish they make it so i can stand on moving cars again.
  22. if they fix the driving mechanism tell them to make bigger vehicles heaver im tiered of being pushed a round wile driving a truck play with the cops. now i shove you in to wall pig! what is problem to heave to push off road in tiny car i thought so!
  23. i think betty is the name he calls his bodhi . that why its on the Lplate.
  24. clothing stores lots of clothing stores like Rancher ,miss T's, DilerSachers, Pursues, Zip, Victim, Modo, Binco, Erise, Prolaps, Suburban, and any thing else i left out. these would be nice stores to buy things from to wear.
  25. im thinking they should have nail guns as meel weapons. just to make things look interesting.