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    Saints Row

    i think saints row 4 will be a fun play ground but remember leave the serious shit to gta 5 and R*. this is not what i thought of when they said monster truck, but weponds customize is cool.
  2. 28+12+13.9=53.9 square miles roughly. and that is probably how big it is cause i did the math. GTA V- 53.9 square miles?.
  3. look at the awesome helmet Franklin is wearing. these are some dam good pics.
  4. so it seems there are older and newer dodge chargers in this which is both cool and realistic. so what will they call them buffalo v1 and buffalo v2?
  5. any one who thinks GTA V will be king say i, or say something positive.

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    2. Qdeathstar
    3. fanman


      shit if this is your ways of being positive then id hate to see you guys negative.

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  6. see dream do come true people ,we an mod cars. the other thing im seeing is that r2d2 migit has a creepy profile pic of Abe where did you find that ? i am soo glad we have to wait till september to play this.
  7. just watched preview and liked what i heard. this game will be king.
  8. my review after watching the three trailers id say Michael is a mad man, Franklin is a gang banging honky gangster, and Trevor the crazy out of control guy who just got in to the town not too long a go but he is the fun one. seeing the head lines now ......[gta v best gta game ever made since San Andres.] im most likely going to be using Trevor and Franklin more then the mad man him self Michael . i defiantly think Franklin is a grove street gangster and could be a cousin of cj but that is just a bad guess other than this the killing of Ballers will be fun. i shall conclude that Trevor will make a lot of friends fast and this game will be King.
  9. i said it ok not a scame cause i read the legal print and they never want to have my face any way. hay on the side note if the did put me in the game i would go find me then kill me.that would be cool.
  10. this be a character in game contest is vary legal like all you do is send in your info and a pic of your self (head to shoulders) then be at least 18 to qualify. and if you mess up then your out this means turning in lots of shit on time or they will get some one else. i think i should do it but they wouldn't want a face that looks like mine any way.
  11. Maybe he's just the DJ/voice of the station? oooookkkkk!!!! this could make sense.
  12. so no snow its just the light hitting the rocks? dangit i bet there going to have a commercial on the tv in the game about the epsolison program.
  13. so what i saw from this video is there a chance of snow.
  14. so this trailer is going to be some badass shit or is it going to be some fucking crazy ass shit that will have you speechless!!
  15. Ammunation is back. what dose this mean fitty?or someone else.

    1. GunSmith


      It means we'll be able to purchase guns from a legitimate business. '_'

    2. TuomaZ
  16. if you guys are ever board and want some thing to wach then go to the gta place and wach, they mention igta5 in the credits.

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      sorry i had no idea it was on the igta know it would have been nice if someone would have said' hey fanman this is posted on the igta site, then i could have lock this instead of having a bunch of member spam.

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      CaPn bOnEs

      we did tell you... ?? and now you know...

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  17. i would just like to say that i wish they would bring the Top Fun van back. i miss those little rc's.
  18. You're taking this a little too seriously buddy. thanks for the info i will keep that in mind next time someone talks shit about gta v.
  19. that spic needs to shut up and stop talking shit about gta v or ill give him 5 reasons why he sucks. the reasons. 1 im jealous that it will be good 2 i hate old music 3 im rambling on about how this is shit. 4 i dont like old engines called rage 5 i think its going to have the same story a SA and i hate gta SA 6 im trying to notice and all im getting is dislikes.
  20. im just hoping that army jeep makes it ,because it would be sad if it hit the ground and blows up then what would you drive when you got to the ground. actually it would be cool if the jeep had a parachute .
  21. Ah, I guess you're right. What I meant was, people living in more developed and civilized places, like Trevor who lives in Los Santos (or somewhere around it). It's a lot less work going to Wal-Mart and buying some hotpockets or whatever than tracking, killing, skinning, cooking etc... an animal. yes but you can't hunt,kill,and skin a hot pocket in a wal-mart without someone noticing. Pulse i feel like killing something makes you feel like you accomplished something.
  22. i like the idea of a tranquilizer gun and you shooting animals with it but it would also be good on stealth missions or to shoot a cop and not get a wanted level. i would like to see a sea turtle as one of them sea animals. i also would like to go out in the woods and use woodland creachers as target shooting you know to see how much damage the guns can really do. and last if they have a zoo i would like to let all the animals out to be free.
  23. i don't know which is what but im sure you guys are close to the answer. i saw the car that has the guy who shoots out of it looks like its full of the three protagonist and that trevor shoots out the window,also i think all the black cars are Michael car ,i think the pic of him siting on the hood of the car and the one with him and his son are the same car.
  24. someone said something about they never had zombies in a gta game before i think? well that is a lie gta vcs had a mission where you are in the mall at the info booth shooting zombies with a shot gun and even though it was for a movie it still was consider zombies being on gta.