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  1. Brian Griffin lives, mericals do come true.happey holydays shit heads!

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    2. DuPz0r


      The only 'mericals I've seen in the USA is how dem honkys ain't slaves no more, how'd they overpower you? :P

    3. GunSmith


      I am all for slavery, so long as it's equal.

    4. Brian
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  2. fanman

    Saints Row

    i have completed saints row,saints row2, saints row3,and will beat saints row 4 then the universe will be saved but not the planet. there are all unique in there own way.
  3. dam it delayed till spring fuuccckkkk this shit !!!!!!!!! i was going to get that game now i have to wait till spring this is just great but at least ill have time to beat other games
  4. i have seen two of the red eyes things at the alien painting place were if you went straight up you find a ufo say fib on it. the first one is to the right of the ufo station wagon on top the little hill in a circle it shows eye thing [(|||) 3 lines] and crescent shaped moon the second one is to the left on the ufo station wagon on top of the big hill near the edge of the painting shows eye thing rain cloud across from alien artifact that you collect both face or point toward the main one on mount chillad.
  5. curse u internet and social club for making it so i have to go online just to have access to the car. on the other hand i have found were to find the police buffalo so i think am a little ok i just wish i could get into the prison and get the bus without being shot at.
  6. no i am not on social club. I am trying to fined it in the game with the 3 main characters cause i would one of them to have it and if you know how to fine and get the prison bus that would be nice.
  7. dose any one have a clue to were the Elegy RH8 by Annis (Nissan GTR) is at i look all over rock ford hills and can not find it.
  8. traffic light glitch. it never turns green all ways red then yellow and back to red where; second intersection north west, wall of movie making place/by a amunation which way; north west and south east way of traffic/ southwest and northeast way traffic not effected. north west side of town if your that clueless. dose not have any idea why this happens.
  9. ok i have been thinking and thought up a theory on the mountain. so here it is lets say we do unlock the secret of the mountain and the wall at the cable car station that looks like a door, opens and its a portal to north Yankton's map and here you are given the ufo and jet pack to fly but the easter egg is the map its self and the reason it is cracked is because you were all ready there once. remember this is only a theory because we don't know what the secret really is. also i don't understand what it is with this game an aliens,monkeys,or random barks and franklin with the dog that he can understand what it says even if it was never there.
  10. random ped got ranover by metro train and it was the way he did it and said it that made it funny or the fact that he was black.
  11. i hit trevor with a van while driving as franklin then when to hosbital to pick him up for a drink at a bar... ask to hear rest of story.

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    2. fanman


      are those insults complements cause that's what it sounds like?

    3. Massacre


      Fine gentleman.

    4. Godfather


      lol fanman... your awesome

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  12. that not a choice besides ill make it easier on you just tell me what way is the better choice.
  13. if this is a help topic then i need some help i can't decide for the big score mission which choice to take the not obvious or the obvious choice both are rely good choices but if i do one then i miss out on doing the other one so on one side i have getting in with armored trucks (easy way) but the other side i get in using the driller which is what i would like to use but this is the longer and harder way. so what shall i chose?
  14. fuck me but i must know the secret behind this god dam puzzle, R* why do you play these mind games with us!?
  15. 3 things 1 i cant believe that you can not go in to a fast food joint to eat whats that shit all about not to mention there's not a single well stacked pizza co on here . 2 there are too many snitches on the game i mean there are no cop driving or walking around and no mater what you do the cops come evan if you do kill the person making the call. i mean what ever happen to oh shit ill just walk away now its like ill call the cop and be an asshole even if all you do is bump into them. 3 all i said was hi and the cops start shooting at you. i think that is BS right there one time i got a wanted level for get hit buy a cop chasing some one else and they stopped just to get out and kill me.
  16. ok so your saying i should buy 10 or more shares when it is low and then when it gets higher than it was i am supost to sell them and that how this shit works on getting money.
  17. ok thats great advise but what if you only buy one share how do you make money with that.?
  18. i need help playing the stocks game. im in the liberty stock exchange and when i check my profile it all ways says i haven't made any thing but have lost even thought the stocks on the market page are up. what should i do?
  19. im sick en tiered of theres hillbileys runing me off the cliff and ento the river .

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    2. PimpLippy


      its a random event, shoot the fuckers, just dont try it with a shotgun from an atv...doesn't end well

    3. fanman


      sorry but i live in a hick town and that's how they taut me to spell. so stop talken about it

    4. Brian


      Go play in traffic

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  20. funny thing with los santos fire department (LSFD) i blue my car up on the high way and it was on fire the LSFD shows up on the other side of the highway jump out and make there way across traffic get hit and ran over when finale someone decides to stop after hitting them they get pissed the throw the guy on the road and beet /smoke his ass with fire extinguishers then leave when this is done. also in sandy shores this woman cop go on rampage i said some thing to this black guy at the police station he hit me she shoots him then kills every one in the general area including the other cop then go and stands back were she was and play with her phone like nothing ever happen. shit fuck up man.
  21. trevor is from canida he said it on the game quote"10 points"

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i thought it was called yankton...

    2. MainEvent


      According to the GTA wikia, North Yankton is a state based on North Dakota..

    3. CaPn bOnEs
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  22. i have found the sabre turbo with Trevor and turned it in to the one from the screen shots and stored in my garage
  23. i dislike that the crossing signals lights don't light up. keep getting hit by train cause of it,also can't get in and drive train.