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  1. im so excited i don't know weather to jump up into air or keep talking on here.

  2. i have been corrected by my frend that get there at 9:00 is alot shorter wait so i will leve my house a 8:00 and get there at 9:00 i herard gamestops going to give a way some of the gtav advertisement items like posters, boxes,baners that sort of stuff.
  3. can't wait for midnight release.

    1. fanman


      oh shit it Friday the 13th which means something?

      also why in the hell do i keep getting error massages ever time i try to go to a page on here i get a error 522 or some shit like that and it is getting old.

    2. fanman


      i decided to take pics at the release

  4. this will be my first midnight release and i had no idea when to get to game stop. mabey 8:00 is that too early? anyway i will have a colectors edition and a limited edition stratagey guide waiten for me. i will proboly play it the next day cause even if i have waited that long at least i can wear the hat that will hold me off till i wake up then its on. P.S. what hapend to the easter egg page i made go to did the mods hide it from me? they need to put it back.
  5. 100% all the way because im crazy about it.
  6. in the bottom left of the pic there is a circle it is blue and says pc what dose it mean. PS i totally agree with who ever said bradly game put things on the map in the wrong spot or has not vare detailed maps.
  7. just preordered limited editon stratagy guide yesterday so now im set.
  8. i take it you guys all ready know and are curently talking about the gtav map. whell then i guess it is a little late to post a link to the map where you can push another link to see it up close and presornal but i post them any way. .The place i found it The close up one.
  9. i would like to see some of the ramdon phone nuberers to acule have someone answer not just get the buises signal.
  10. i will do the first two missions then fined my garage and drive my hot knive around the map, after this go to lossantos costoms and pull every car off the street i see to find out what i can do with them.
  11. i was playing iv yesterday so it might be a bad thing.
  12. im not that suprised they have difrent radio stations and not the same ones hey new game new city new radio stations right the old ones would have never lasted any way exsept for mabey k roase.
  13. i found this on line and i whant to know if it is real or fake i think it might be fake. link to page it is on.
  14. when i get to los santos im goning to be looking for my fucking garage property cause i have to see my my new car.
  15. i have preorder the corlectors edition at gamestop. i should have preorder the strategy guide .
  16. i have returned with just 20 days left till release and boy did i miss a lot of shit.!

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      Fuck, you're back.

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      as long as you re-read your posts, fine.

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  17. have i good summer to all for i shall return to los santos in agust.

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      QD man strikes again.

    2. Bronson


      Come up with your own lines Brian -_-

    3. GunSmith
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  18. im so geting the collectors edition . but how much dose it cost to pre order?

    1. ConQueSteD


      A minimum of $25USD

    2. GunSmith
    3. fanman


      thanks for the answer this will help me a lot.

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  19. im sure that is what it is there just showing the main roads and not a detailed version of the map with all the small roads and crevices it be tween.
  20. If you don't pre-order before the release date you don't get the features in the Special Edition ( Of course ). Although they might release the extra features from the Special Editions as a form of DLC at some point further down the track. ok that is what i was wanting to know. whell i guess i should preorder.
  21. so let me guess after the game is released there will be no special addition cause there is a collectors edition. an if you don't act now and preorder one then you don't get one.
  22. That is the size of Los Santos man, accept it. When you've sat there looking at screenshots for as long as some of us in this thread, you notice that the city does feel bigger in-game (from the screens and footage) than it does on the map. I'm happy with the size of it. I know the story and exploration will still be amazing, it's GTA after all. I couldn't care less about the size. GTA III's map was small, but the first time you played it, was it really that small, did it even matter? There is also a little more of LS, not much but it's obvious some parts are cut off from that map. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure there will be quite a few other towns in the game, like Blueberry and stuff in SA. Perhaps they will be quite sizable as well. Also from this, do you guys think it will be a simple cut-off point of the land below the city, leaving the ocean to explore there? Or perhaps there is more countryside down there, or maybe the city continues slightly more down there. I think it's be lower than that tbh, more like this: i get the picture that help a lot i was going to say the rest would be big with little towns till i looked closer to the map and saw part of ls was missing and i saw some thing that looked like a race track on the map. plus if you look at it in the right way you will see that LS is bigger then LC. but i still don't know how the air port is maped for this is only a small chunk of the map.
  23. you make a exultant point it should only be worth $120 if there are none of them in it.