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    Saints Row

    new saints row out january of next year. its called saints row gat out of hell you play as Gat and attempt to rescue the leader of the Saints from Hell, after being captured by Satan. along the way you will meet some people you sent there a long time back at different periods of gat's life as well as some lost mebers of the saints. you will also get some new toys to play with. for more info go to these links.;_ylu=X3oDMTEzbjg4NHZ2BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDQxOF8x/RV=2/RE=1414558927/RO=10/ saints row wiki.v;_ylu=X3oDMTEzZmlnN2VkBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMgRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDQxOF8x/RV=2/RE=1414558927/RO=10/
  2. This is how i got the WKZ TV truck i drove around in parker square by the stateum in a box truck trying to get to come out so then i saw vans pop up after an hour i got mad and stole a taco van the hit a cop car and tryed to loose them in the area by the cemetary then i went on to the block er that was allready up smashed in to it then i got out just to get sniped by the helicopter when i respawnd the tv truck drove by and i got it.
  3. i just got this yesterday but still i am too busy to play it now but i will play it whether it is shit or not. i wonder if the driving is like Driver San Fransisco , proboly.
  4. the game is out but i have no way or time to get it now
  5. 4 day remain till watch dogs is out. LAST DAY TO PREORDER WATCH DOGS AT GAME STOP SO YOU BETTER HURRY.
  6. 5 days left till watch dogs is out . can't almost wait any longer.
  7. 9 day left till watch dog the wait is all most over then its hack time.
  8. 15 days left till watch dogs comes out.
  9. 20 days till watch dogs comes out.
  10. 23 days till watch dogs comes out . i should do this on every 5th day which would be 20,15,10,5 then 3 ,&1 day left. would be less wasteful of time for me.
  11. 27 days till watch dogs comes out. can hardly wait for its arrival
  12. wish i had a taco van. best preview /trailer yet. can not wait to play this.
  13. fanman

    Sleeping Dogs

    how do i replay missions on this game i can't figure it out? i know i can because it said i can from some place i read at. please help!
  14. i have got to 90.?% on the game after i completed a stranger mission and then i save at frank's house when i loaded the game back up later and was going to check his stocks on the phone when a glitch happens and i can no longer use the web ,switch persons, have a mini map, or anything that uses the right on-D pad button but only when i get on the in-game web dose it do this. should i just reload and complete another side mission and save and save .? (360 edition) or what?
  15. WOW! this is a better date then the one i put.
  16. 6/30/14 this for sure is the date i saw at game stop . so that is purity close.
  17. fanman

    Mad Max

    i wish some one would heat it up? 5/28/14 think i saw this date a game stop for release date. not sure if it was 28 or 30 so i went with 28. the wait is not that far away.
  18. aw god dang it . now ill have to guess which month so i chose April.
  19. fanman

    Mad Max

    i really want this game.
  20. i built a road and a suspension bridge on mined craft. the color of the bridge is red i used nether brick blocks, nether brick fence, glowstone and obsidian. and that's one of the best things i ever built.
  21. i think it is almost spring which is a good thing. now if i could just remember what month it comes out.
  22. fanman

    Saints Row

    i have completed saints row,saints row2, saints row3,and will beat saints row 4 then the universe will be saved but not the planet. there are all unique in there own way.
  23. dam it delayed till spring fuuccckkkk this shit !!!!!!!!! i was going to get that game now i have to wait till spring this is just great but at least ill have time to beat other games
  24. i have seen two of the red eyes things at the alien painting place were if you went straight up you find a ufo say fib on it. the first one is to the right of the ufo station wagon on top the little hill in a circle it shows eye thing [(|||) 3 lines] and crescent shaped moon the second one is to the left on the ufo station wagon on top of the big hill near the edge of the painting shows eye thing rain cloud across from alien artifact that you collect both face or point toward the main one on mount chillad.
  25. curse u internet and social club for making it so i have to go online just to have access to the car. on the other hand i have found were to find the police buffalo so i think am a little ok i just wish i could get into the prison and get the bus without being shot at.