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  1. JustAn808

    Uncharted Series

    Never having played Uncharted at all, I recently completed the stories for all 3 in the HD Collection, purchased at my local trade-in store for $20. It was a very pleasant distraction from almost exclusively playing GTA and Skyrim earlier in the year. I was really impressed with the trilogy overall, but I feel I would have appreciated it more had I spaced out the titles. I picked up Uncharted 4 this past weekend at Gamestop for 8 bucks (seriously?). Looking forward to playing that as soon as I get around to it. Then, eventually, The Lost Legacy.
  2. JustAn808

    GTAO DLC Topic

    I don't know why, but I wouldn't mind seeing a jet-transferred boat plummet to the ocean from 30,000 feet.
  3. JustAn808

    GTAO DLC Topic

    That's a sweet gif.
  4. JustAn808

    Trailer Park Boys New Season

    RIP John Dunsworth So glad I went to see him and Randy's No Pants Unpissed tour up close last year. The good seats, 8 bucks. Some of my favorite Lahey lines: - "Who's there, Rick?" - "I'm sober enough to know what I'm doing, and drunk enough to enjoy it." - "6 out of 10"
  5. JustAn808


    I don't have much of an opinion on the Yankees, but I can't help but side with Verlander. Watching him command WS game(s) would be something to see. Maddon's bullpen calls have been shit, not sure why we brought back Hector Rondon, or why Lackey went in late last night instead of Wade Davis. If Bryant and Rizzo can get their bats going, we should see this thing turn around at Wrigley, I hope.
  6. JustAn808

    Medical Topic

    Doing some doctor hunting myself, as I need to find a primary care physician in my new place of residence. I recently participated in a wellness screening through my place of employment where they ran some blood tests. My (TC) total cholesterol is desirable, but my HDL (good cholesterol) is at 27 mg/dL, which is apparently very low. I read that improving diet and exercise can help raise this number, but I get conflicting results on whether or not it truly helps. I'm not all greens and lean meat, but I don't eat like shit either. I've been a proponent of the concept that anything is fair game, in moderation. I guess now that I'm pushing 30, that's not really the case anymore. Fuck.
  7. JustAn808


    NY/Houston series should be a fun one. I'm worried that LA is way more prepared to face the Cubs than they were last year. I don't have high expectations at all for this series. Anywho, go Cubs!
  8. JustAn808


    I was given Fallout 4 as a gift over a year ago and I have yet to play it properly. I usually overthink it when it comes to massive open-world games, especially with a lot of crafting. I found myself picking up the Uncharted Collection, replayed through TLOU+DLC, and plan on picking up Uncharted 4 soon. Not sure if I'll ever get around to immersing myself in the 4 wasteland. Fallout 3/NV/Skyrim were better experiences for me - I don't remember being overwhelmed at all with those titles.
  9. JustAn808

    Classic Titles

    The Chemical Plant music pops into my head randomly all the time. If the Sonics were my entire childhood, there would have been wayyyy too many broken controllers. Damn water levels.
  10. JustAn808

    Classic Titles

    That sounds like a great idea. I am only familiar with Sonic 2, but it is VERY familiar. I also played the fuck out of Eternal Champions, Mickey Mania, The Lion King, Earthworm Jim, and Road Rash. I also had Road Rash 3D for PS1 and that soundtrack was bitchin'.
  11. JustAn808

    Post a picture of yourself

    Ugh the worst!
  12. JustAn808

    Classic Titles

    /bump This was always one of my favorite topics to post in - so glad I decided to expand my collection by purchasing all the older consoles I enjoyed as a youth. Now that my offspring is beginning to react to objects/lights around her, I can't begin to describe how much my anticipation/excitement is growing to introduce her to Super Mario Brothers, Sonic 2, and other various platformers for the first time. My most recent purchase: The wireless controllers were a big sell for me on this one, plus the 80 games that come pre-loaded to the hard drive.
  13. JustAn808

    Post a picture of yourself

    Sounds like you're working too hard my guy
  14. JustAn808

    Post a picture of yourself

    How's the beard progression, Firm?
  15. JustAn808

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I always fight for the Empire, unless I play a Nord. While both sides are equally shitty, I could never get past fighting along side a race that hates all but their own.