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  1. Can I be the Holy Belgian Empire ?
  2. As the title says. If I'd buy the Xbox 1 version of San Andreas,does the game work If I put it into my Xbox 360? Smissen
  3. You know a human can survive a month without eating so why bother?
  4. Intel: I think the zombies are going to be more humanoid and are able to run. But I hope they are slow. Refuge: Where you will hold up. Switzerland,they are always neutral Rationing: What you will do when you run out of food & water. If possible,I would try to rob the supermarket of all her meat and bottled water and dry the meat at my place and try to last as long as possible. Defence/Offence: I have my reenactment Springfield 1861 rifle (with bayonet) and a revolver from 1895 and I have a few bags of blackpowder. I could meld useless stuff in bullets and pray for the best of it !
  5. As some models being re-used in GTA 5,does that mean that R* uses the same graphics as in GTA IV? Or are they going to 'polish' it up with a newer graphics? Also, They said something about a huge campaign map. They also promised that for RDR,which was,in my opinion not 'huge' at all,I can ride from Blackwater to Escalera with my eyes closed.... Would be quiet disappointing if they used if the same graphics as GTA IV. Also. RDR is quiet boring after the finished the stranger tasks and story line. After playing it for hours,vultures are circling above me,waitin' for me to die of boreness. In my opinion,R* should add more stuff to keep the players busy.
  6. Maybe the flying saucer thing? I'd like to see a flying saucer appear now and again but never be able to find anything more about it, that would keep the rumours flowing. Flying saucers/UFO would also be interesting. I always liked GTA 'conspiracies',if they were real or not. But it would be a very rare event,otherwise they are found to soon and commonly which takes away the mystery.
  7. I'm aware that the Californian flag has a bear on it but the logo seen on the police isn't a bear. Unless bears became ape-like...... I was thinking it looked like a bear standing on it's hind legs, however looking at it again the head looks a little misshapen, unless it's cocked back like it's roaring As I said before,the legs are too long to be from a bear.
  8. I'm aware that the Californian flag has a bear on it but the logo seen on the police isn't a bear. Unless bears became ape-like...... On a serious note. If you look good enough at the logo,the creature on the police car has too long legs and arms to be a bear. Just sayin' ;-)
  9. G'day mates, As the title above says,could Bigfoot possible be added in GTA V? It would be quite interesting if Bigfoot should be added. Just to say they added Bigfoot in a Rockstar game before (RDR) and there are Bigfoot sightings around Los Angeles,were the city of GTA V is based on. I also found a video on the internet which pays attention to the Bigfoot image of the logo if Los Santos: ^ Sign is given about 1:40 Quite interesting eh?
  10. Yeah I can remember that, I was filled full of mores holes than a cabbage leaf in a hail storm after I hit dirt !
  11. Actually I never noticed that myself, does the whistle audio play in the game or was that added by the creator of the video? I can't remember tbh but I feel like replaying that case just to find out. If that music does play then there's no doubt it is an RDR easter egg. Thanks for the link me friend. Quite interesting easter egg if you think about it. How could it get there? Did Jack just passed away and they trow away his possessions or what happend else why the hat came in the garbage can?
  12. Indeed. The 'sixth sense' takes away some realism same for softly hitting a police car. In real life,if you would hit a police car,you are most likely to get a ticket then a bullet