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  1. Am I the only person left alive who thinks Machine Head are awful? I don't understand the appeal. They jumped to every shitty trend they could, and now that thrash is back, they make shitty thrash and everyone raves. Dio, that photo is the best. Combines dogs and Immortal, two of my favourite things.
  2. Well, my One SV finally died, so I'm using an iPhone 4 until the One M7 turns up. God, I hate having only one physical button. On the plus side it is quite a bit more solid than the SV, so I can club someone with it quite effectively.
  3. Looking forward to this one. FC3 pissed me off at times, but was overall pretty good. Elephants look pretty great.
  4. I find rolling it into a joint gets you pretty fucked.
  5. I build and paint Star Wars models, as I needed another way to alienate women. Finished a few and got more stashed, might post some pics when I can be bothered.
  6. I had not seen this. Interesting. Now only if we could find something useful, like a frozen dinosaur.
  7. I gotta be honest, I'm not loving the new Sabbath. Ozzy just sounds too processed. It also doesn't help that when they played live, Ozzy looked like a demented old lady stumbling about her hospital ward looking for her teeth. I'm a Megadeth fan, but I didn't listen to 13 and I have no intention of listening to the new album. I cry for Chris Broderick. I listened to Ghost BC after hearing great things, and I thought it was a joke. What the fuck. I actually think the costumes are cool...but the music is so boring. Alan Averill from Primordial's Doom band. Pretty good.
  8. I love that movie. I also love the TV edit. When I first saw the film I realised I'd modeled myself on The Dude without realising it.
  10. In Australia our cigarettes are sold in plain olive green packs. Yeah... Anyway, the Easter drought, or 'The Dark Times' as I like to call it, seems to be over, so I think I'll spend my night sleeping on a pile of bud.
  11. 11 hours is too much for even me. Didn't know about Clive Burr's death. A pity.
  12. I find I've gone way off power metal of late. Hardly even listen to the classic Gamma Ray albums any more. I might do that now actually.
  13. I've been wearing the same Converse for at least 4 years now. They're filthy, have holes in them, and are the most comfortable shoes ever. Only shoes I replace when they start to wear are runners, as knees and ankles are important. My oldest shirt is from 2006.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AGTKLmaqic ICS Vortex anyone?
  15. I just assumed the women didn't join the forums because they were terrified of our massive dongs.
  16. Vale of Amonition was a bit too prog for me. Been listening to a lot of this lately. And of course, my favourite Middle Eastern band. Hell, one of my favourite bands.
  17. Oooh, can I come too? I'll work security.* *I take drunken potshots at pirates with a shotgun. Back on topic, most of you work more exciting jobs than me. Ehhh.
  18. I haven't played most of the games on everyone's lists. Mass Effect 3 was good, but destroyed my soul. So it's off the list. I've gotten a lot of time out of NHL 13, and am quite enjoying Planetside 2. Fuck Black Ops II.
  19. Hmmm. I'm running a 360, and aside from a RRoD on my old console, I've never had any problems. I'd check exclusives, but go for the console which is either cheaper or comes with a bundle you prefer. Also try playing with both controllers and decide which you prefer - the controller is big reason that I replaced my 360. That and already owning the games, obviously. That said, if Blu-Ray playback interests or an online subscription fee is unappealing, go for the PS3. Better still you could get a Wii-U so you could tell me exactly what the fuck it does.
  20. I work in a pub and gaming room. So I facilitate problem gambling while getting them pissed up, with the slight threat of violence always hanging in the air.
  21. He was pretty good doing Whiplash....it's hard to take him seriously when he has the Max Payne grimace, though. I'm listening to Pallbearer again. If I'm in Brisbane again I owe HBW a dark, heavy beer.
  22. Yeah I'll take it. I'll be driving, so it'll take me a few days. I'm not as sickly looking as I implied, for the record.
  23. Believe the family is chipping in to upgrade my slot cars. I'm giving the usual assortment of books and DVD's, so everyone should be happy.