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  1. I'm sorry man. I'll try to eat more...and wear heels? Hopefully the rest of me can live up to expectations.
  2. Oh snap, I finish at 10pm too, will it end at 10:11pm GMT? lol In all honesty this is stupid, it's been on the news and everything, ensuring people we don't be killed so not to kill ourselves... xD GMT +10. It's already happened anyway. I'm not sure what to think. I'm inclined to think I'm not dead, but it's also possible that this is already hell, and here I shall remain.
  3. I finish work at 10 pm, and it will apparently end at 10:11 pm...I don't appreciate the timing.
  4. I had to read Ender's Game & Ender's Shadow in school, and I thoroughly enjoyed them both Yeah, I'll probably have a look at the Shadow series after I'm done with the books based on Ender.
  5. I'm surprised so many people workout here. I've started going to the gym due to my bad back, don't do free weights. Do 220 pounds on the lat pull, 140 on the chest press, 240 on the leg press and 58 (lol) on the abs. I do other shit, but I can't remember in as much detail. I take it all very seriously, in case you guys can't tell. Also, 178cm/5'10", 60 kg/130 pounds. Eating isn't one of my talents.
  6. I want you. Primordial. Better than the shit most of you listen to.
  7. QD: Yeah, I probably enjoy it for that reason. It's dark, yet mundane about it. Just started reading Xenocide, the third of the Ender quartet. Should be good.
  8. While it'll never cure anything, weed can be useful to alleviate pain and nausea and manage symptoms of some chronic illnesses. Given prescription painkillers are the most widely abused drugs in most developed countries, I'm not sure we should encourage more people to use them. Chronic pain fucking sucks, though and irrelevant of your treatment choice it's difficult to live a normal life.
  9. I'll check 'em out. Edit: Yeah they're pretty good. Will probably need to hit the net if I'm gonna buy the album, though.
  10. Can't be arsed turning on the PC and running a proper test, but it's around 25-28 from what I recall. Aussie ISP's have gotten their act together recently.
  11. LOL, wtf. Well,I know what I'm doing tomorrow. Going to JB and most likely not finding the new Destruction or Marduk.
  12. Woah, Marduk AND Destruction have new albums out? This cheers me immensely.
  13. I like to think of myself as a young Sam Malone, but I'm probably more a cross between Dr. Niles Crane GOB Bluth, Abed Nadir and a homeless guy being interviewed on Law and Order.
  14. I always thought Spiritual Healing doesn't get enough love. James Murphy is the man. In other news, I've got myself a ticket to Black Sabbath. Not sure whether it'll be worth it, but I couldn't miss it. Oh, and I never thought I'd say this in 2012, but Six Feet Under has released a fucking killer album. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmDgmwcq510
  15. Yeah a quick search showed that was bullshit. Manslaughter for possession. That doesn't even make sense.
  16. Apparently jumping off Cristo Redentor wasn't enough for him. Crazy, but impressive.
  17. Yeah but the potency in some of them is deadly. Possession of Shrooms in Canada is an automatic manslaughter charge to my knowledge. There are only like two or three in the world that are deadly, quite a few more that will make you sick though. Woah, how'd I miss this gem. Automatic manslaughter charge? I sincerely hope you're mistaken. Easy solution...don't eat the poison ones.
  18. Funnily enough my most trusted friends are all drug users. Go figure.
  19. Well then...I guess the lynch mob claims another victim? This topic is bizarre.
  20. My mate is in Geneva working as part of the group who are analysing Keplar 22-B. I'm a little jealous. Curiosity is of course interesting, but I fear most of the results will only be of real interest to the actual scientists. It bothers me that we're unlikely to get out of the solar system in my lifetime.
  21. Sometimes I think we were separated at birth. I tend to keep the shit talkers at arms length, but they're worth keeping around as you never know when they'll useful to you.