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  1. I like quite a number of IE albums, but yeah, the well is dry. I've listened to no Power Metal lately, so I can't help. Also, for the posers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ovTl_rlAfE
  2. Surprise surprise. Ah well, IE hasn't released much in the way of good music lately, and after the Tim Owens firing Schaffer seems to be getting what he deserves.
  3. Oh dear...Mello is an actual doctor now?
  4. 4 x cheers! (I sometimes drive a forklift and decapitating is my speciality.) ^ Who thought these two posts are bad, and why? WTF are you talking about man. Did you expect a hand written announcement in the post? It was announced in the news: PRESENTING IGTA5.COM, and it was also announced in the Important Information forum on the old board: iGTA5.com. I don't read Important Information. I expected a personalised invitation, yes.
  5. I haven't bothered listening to it. Glad I didn't.
  6. I will actually post my rig when I move into my new place, as right now it's a mess. Essentially my pc is covered in stupid lights.
  7. Nice of you cunts to bother telling me about the new site. If I wasn't stalking Massacre, I'd have had to try to make my home elsewhere. Edit: Been here since late 2004, Australian, not telling you my name, QD is gay etc.
  8. Lots of doom and thrash for me lately. Sleep is one of the greatest bands ever.