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    Well...I guess it doesn't look as bad as a Fallout style Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO...That said I'm still living in fantasy land where a New Vegas style game by Obsidian (does that even exist anymore?)/Chris Avellone will happen.
  2. I'm off the low FODMAP diet! Time to eat my weight in garlic and onion. Unfortunately now this topic makes me hungry again.
  3. Not really what I'm reading but new Tolkien book is coming out in August. I can amaze and bore my friends with further Middle-Earth nerdiness!
  4. Eh, I haven't smoked in months. I think I'm dying.
  5. I'll trade you one snow for one heat.
  6. Honestly, I don't care if it's legalised in Australia. As gtagrl said government fucks everything up. I just don't wanna be arrested for smoking it. Is that too much to ask?
  7. Sorry for your loss Firm. I know my beard is the wrong length when it gets caught in the zip of my jacket. Fucking hurt.
  8. Come to Melbourne. Our dude is in China for 6 weeks so we uhh, have a lot stashed. May have gone too far this time. Especially as he left us with it and doesn't want payment until he gets back to see how much we use. Too much, I'm going to guess.
  9. Sounds like psychosis. Xanax has been known to cause it so that could be it? Hope he starts doing better.
  10. I really don't think inviting people like me over is a safe decision. The baked goods look lovely, but when I eat one of your neighbours the novelty may wear off. Also, Firm. That is way too much bacon. I envy you.
  11. I'm sure King Kai would allow me to talk to you from Other World.
  12. I guess I could start drinking even more if it'd entertain you guys.
  13. I was thinking this was based on you, Massacre. Had a lot of fun with 3, 4 felt like more of the same. I'll keep an eye on this one. Could be interesting.
  14. I have no idea what any of this means. I would like to meet the dog, though. When it's done can it print Star Wars ships for me? So many great ships aren't available. I can repay you by painting things you make, or your genitals. Option 2 suits me best.
  15. You're complaining about the leaks? Let the young women post nudes on servers which aren't secure. I could do without the filter, though.
  16. What the fuck is Snapchat? I honestly have no idea. I have started using kik, but that's just because a girl I met felt I was too creepy to actually give me her number.
  17. I post the odd song I like and photo of my dogs on Facebook. Haven't posted an actual status in years. Mostly I use it for sporting and band news, as I follow teams/sports/bands I like. Messenger is useful for chatting to friends overseas. Don't use any other social media. Don't see the point.
  18. I used the original SteelSeries Siberia. They were decent, but over priced. My friend has the newest model which has a much better mic and is happy. Lots of good options really.
  19. My buddy has a 3D TV. It made it really obvious the sets in Rambo: First Blood were Styrofoam. Kinda killed the mood. I can't see the appeal of VR for gaming. If I didn't suffer from motion sickness I can see it for videos like you mentioned bOnEs.
  20. While beer or rum is my choice, I will literally drink anything alcoholic. Currently smashing some red wine. Dunno what it is. Clean skin. $4. Whatever gets you drunk, right?
  21. Remove the Twitter bullshit and I can do those two things at once. Fuck it's how I live. I could probably Tweet too, but who gives a fuck?
  22. It looks pretty cool. It isn't on PC though :(. PS4 is slowly winning me over as NHL games aren't on PC either. Not to mention my PC is going to die any day now. So Bioware wants me to spend $64 dollars for the ME2 DLC...a game I already own on 360 and PC. Remember when Bioware didn't suck (Star Wars: The Old Republic FUCK YOU FUCK FUCK YOU)? I think I'll be pirating it.