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  1. For the past week every time I come on this site I'm redirected to some malware ass page like "You have a virus on your system!" and the site starts pretending it's scanning my computer. Not saying it's this site, may just be some malware on my computer that only decides to show itself when I come on this site. I don't know, it's probably just my computer but it's weird how it only happens on this site. Either way I'm done with this site, I already changed my name to random letters and deleted all my personal info. Feel free to delete my account if a good opportunity to do so presents itself, otherwise it will just sit unused.
  2. Nice man I give you props, you got a nice flow. Really wasn't expecting it to be that good lol. Btw If you're in need of free beats to use in your spare time hit me up through the messenger and I'll send you a link to my one boys beats, he's starting to get noticed and has already produced for some famous rappers and honestly his beats are pretty nice. He loves hearing wut people do with his beats so just let me know. I'm trying to see what you can do with them.
  3. I'm sure it will be. Gta 4 was rockstars first attempt with an open world multiplayer game mode so it's sort of understandable that the customization was lacking and the level up system was tedious and flawed.
  4. Now that I got over my paranoid "They had to remove free roam multiplayer" moment, I'm pretty excited to see how in depth character customization will be. Durring the gameplay demo it was pointed out that when switching between michael, trevor, and franklin, there was was one fourth blacked out spot. It was speculated that the spot would be filled by ones multiplayer character. I'm picturing one will have to design multiple characters which will be used throughout game modes (Police/law enforcement, gang member/bank robber, ect.) and once finished they can select one to use in free roam games and free for all game modes (this would be the character displayed as the fourth option aside from michael, trevor, and franklin). As far as the depth of customization I'm thinking there will be a decent amount of presets to choose from (many of which will have to be unlocked through leveling up). Looking at some of the pedestrians and protagonists we've seen so far I think it's safe to assume there will be a varried amount of choices in faces, hair style, tattoos, accessories, head gear, shirts, pants, and shoes. With each game rockstar have published the character customization has improved (from gta 4's limited options, to red deads choice between tons of characters, and most recently max paynes decent selection for customization). I'm really excited to see what they've done with gta 5's, I'm sure they won't dissapoint.
  5. Hmm good point.. Any idea if they would include content that would affect the ingame experience? Because I personally don't have a need or a desire to get posters or a t-shirt or some other random item I'd never use. I know Rockstar have included special dlc for people who buy their game from gamestop, like the war horse in red dead, but I don't know anything about special editions of games.
  6. So if you preorder from the rockstar warehouse, when do you get the game? I'm curious if you'll get it on september 17th or if you'd get it within a few days later.. Anyone know? I've never preordered a game before lol.
  7. Noticed that too.. And maybe it's just me but it looks like trevors head and eyes are positioned to be looking in the side mirror (as if one were meant to be there) to look back at the police chasing him. Either way I could care less because I wouldn't even notice in game.
  8. Beautiful... I'm starting to understand why they needed the delay. They're really going all out on this one.
  9. Lmao. You're probably right. It's just something between the delay and the issues that max payne 3's multiplayer had that have me worried that somethings bound to go wrong.
  10. Ok I didn't have the patience to print screen then crop then upload just to say this, but I just saw a response by rockstar on the newswire saying " R* M11 hours, 1 minute agoReply @KONGPALERMO We don't have details to share about the possibility of Multiplayer in GTAV at the moment. Ciao" " What is that supposed to mean.. Maybe it's just faulty wording, but why would they make it sound like multiplayer may not be included. They've been talking about crews transfering over to gta 5 multiplayer and I believe I heard it was well underway durring the initial magazine detail releases, but still wtf. Saying somthing like "we don't have details to share about the multiplayer in gtav at the moment" would suggest they don't have details they are able to share. On the other hand, saying they dont have details on the "POSSIBILITY of multiplayer" makes it sound like multiplayer is still up in the air and may not be included. Feeling paranoid.. some one slap some sense into me. Am I over annalyzing their wording, or is their a possibility that they've changed their plans for multiplayer.
  11. I agree. I think dual weilding is completely corny. In an unrealistic action movie, fine go ahead and use two guns with complete percision. In a mildly realistic video game on the other hand, no thank you. If they do decide to add it as an option though it better not be in multiplayer... We really don't need a repeate of max payne 3 where you need to use duals to compete in close range (although it's acceptable for a game like max payne where dual weilding pistols and slow motion is a trade mark). Speaking of max payne 3, and on a more topic related note, I'd love to see most of those guns in GTA 5. Namely the 608 bull revolver, 1911 hand gun, g6 commando assault rifle, and the m500 shotgun. If gta has anywhere close to the experience of shooting a weapon in max payne 3 I'll be more than satisfied.
  12. For some reason I feel really confident in my assumption that the brown streak is an ongoing problem for you and your underwear. The way you worded that though, I seriously laughed out loud. I forgot that was the name of the train in SA.