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  1. I will summarise my opinion by simply shouting "gaaaaaaaay!" at the OP.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks Dylan's All Along the Watchtower is untouchable? I just don't understand why people like Hendrix's version.
  3. Like D-O, people are surprised I don't have any. I just think I'd look silly.
  4. Good grief. From reading this, it seems like she's a selfish, untrustworthy junkie, and you're a domineering girly man. You two clearly shouldn't be together. You and your emotions may find it hard, but it's the truth. That said, ruining her life when you simply could have walked away shows you're a fucking dog. I hope you sleep well at night.
  5. Yeah, using the phone and the internet at the same time is a blessing.
  6. I enjoy the 'stoners are stupid' argument. Of course a dumb fucking prole who smokes weed will remain a dumb prole. It didn't cause the problem, just like an intelligent person won't get the urge to watch Two and a Half Men while rubbing butter on their nipples, just because they smoked a joint.
  7. Errmm, can't remember when I first used the internet. Would have been 12 or so. Didn't start using it regularly til I was 14ish (9 years ago). I remember before having the internet that Jazz Jack Rabbit was the shit. Aside from that I didn't use the computer much...still don't, compared to others.
  8. Back in Melbourne. Nothing ever fucking changes.
  9. AAHAAARRRGGGGHHHHH. Hello! The new Testament is good, but the new Kreator, Overkill and Vader are better. HBW, all I heard was bitches whinging about how the vocals on that Nile song were the "least brutal ever". I thought the yelling was a nice change, and anyone who uses 'brutal' to describe music is an idiot.
  10. I haven't played much lately. Think I might continue cleansing Skyrim of Imperials.
  11. If they repeat the fucking magic that was 11 Dreams I will JIZZ SO HARD! If you don't know, 11 Dreams by Mercenary is my favorite album or all time more or less. It'll always be in my top 5 for sure. I may have to give it a listen.
  12. The way you guys are talking, it sounds as if Ron Paul gets more press in Australia than he does in America.
  13. I've killed Red Eagle. Only ever fought him as a Draugr, though. I now have all 9 Dragon Priest masks. I'm the best. Last 5 were ridiculously easy for me to get, as I can kill them in 4 hits without using Dremora. If I conjure some Dremora it takes 2 hits. I'm pretty sick of my mage now, and after I level my enchanting I'm going to start another character. Attempting to make my destruction magic free, first. I plan to make a sword and shield warrior called Manannan, simply so when I use Storm Call I can shout "Hear the thunder roll, I AM MANANNAN!"
  14. My friend playing on PC has complained of getting blue/purple textures. I don't know any fix, aside from restarting your PS3. Maybe try letting it cool? I dunno. Hehe. I watched my housemate spend a few days getting the gems. I knew the reward, he didn't. When he finally got them all, his reaction was brilliant.
  15. I may have to challenge you to a beard-off, then. That is completely different. Rule 30 says that there are no girls on the internet. Respect the rules. You must excuse us, we come from a time when girls legitimately didn't exist online. So far I've got 6 Dragon Priest masks. Plan to get the final two tonight. Fuck New Year, I'd rather 3 hit kill Dragon Priests all night.
  16. Ok, I'm nearing the end of the main quest (won't detail as I'm not sure who doesn't want spoilers), but I think I'm over powered. All I need do is summon 2 Dremora Lords and they can kill entire rooms of Draugr Deathlords. Conjuration at 100 is great.
  17. Yeah, I've overcome my Skyrim boredom. Launching Fireballs into crowded rooms is great fun. My guy looks like the High Elf version of Gaahl. Massacre, your stealth exploits make me excited to start my own play through. What race are you? Bones, you can cure diseases either by getting blessed at various shrines, or by using a cure disease potion. Edit: This topic has reunited the Fallout crowd. Woo.
  18. ^That's worryingly close to my Skyrim playlist. Add some Primordial and High on Fire, and it's basically the same. Skyrim just caters toward certain metal atmospheres.
  19. Meh. Weed makes my life more pleasant; I find things funnier, I enjoy the company of tolerable people more, things are just better. Alcohol just fuels my apathy. I'm indifferent to everything when I'm drinking.Heh, I just answered my own question, which wasn't really a question at all... I made a statement in response to my previous statement. Ding ding ding! Christmas was ok. Lunch with the family. Spent half the night trying to stop my friends house from flooding. Gotta love storms.
  20. Listening to Dopesmoker while I transfer data between Xbox hard drives. So good.
  21. While I do hope for countryside, I'm not that worried about how big it is. SA was cool, but I got bored of the endless nature at times. I think it was Duffman who mentioned bears, and I personally think shooting a bear with a RPG sounds pretty awesome. Marney, I'm not sure if you were serious about digging holes, but it has potential. I challenge any of you to say that you've never felt the urge to bury a cop in a shallow grave.
  22. I was using the girl you fist fight in Riverwood for ages, until she took an Ice Spike while I was hunting a giant. Second guy died in his first dungeon, when he took my Fire Breath to the face. That's what happens when you don't wear armour. I don't need a follower, as I tend to travel with an Atronach/can slaughter everything with Destruction, but I just really like sending others to their death.
  23. I never understood why they felt the need to remix an album which I thought was already remixed. They certainly didn't record some of those songs in real time with real instruments. I was going to post this in the asylum, then decided I'd be wasting my time. Might still do it. Roll a fat joint, and listen if you dare. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24pOo5htg9E