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  1. THE BEST SCREENSHOTS YET!!!!! Definitely gonna be the best GTA game! Fuck Vice City and San Andreas!
  2. Anyone here from the UK like myself? Sainsbury's are saying on their website that GTA V is releasing 29th March 2013, Good Friday!

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    2. DuPz0r


      I think he means Ukraine... They're weird over there, all backwards n shit.

    3. Qdeathstar
    4. McGarry


      United Kingdom lol. Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England

  3. Maybe iFruit Maps will even be as bad to inherit the real life counterpart
  4. Well, from Trailer #2 we know we can use the Mac and iPhone comparison. I'd also like to see a tablet just like the iPad in it as well, maybe an iFruit TV?!
  5. 10 years later, and Vice City hasn't changed a bit :P

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    2. Qdeathstar
    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      controls have changed, they're a little janky... but it's mobile, what do you expect?? i like that i can re-arrange the button layout, and change the sizes... that helps....

    4. McGarry


      It's class! Your allowed to add your own music to it as well. I noticed it was a little janky as well...iPhone is the worst for that tbh any game like Crazy Taxi and so on is terrible for the mobile controls

  6. Does anyone remember Vice City where people got on your bus and you could drive around the city with them, I want that back! GameInformer already named two dynamic scenarios of maybe a granny getting mugged and how you can driving around the countryside and coming across dead bodies I'd love to see lots of different factors in the pedestrians: - Some people know you rep - Good middle class/working class people don't like you, threaten police on you - Gangsters would maybe support you (especially Franklyn - while they might shit themselves at the sight of Trevor or Michael - If you hit another vehicle, the driver could ring the peelers on you or give you the wanker sign - NPCs actually have keys to their house and cars and can be seen putting shopping away. They can also let their dogs of their lead in park areas. Perhaps carry beach equipment such as bag, towels and umbrella when near the beach?
  7. Realistic sounds in general e:g walking, perhaps falling from a building and hearing the effect of broken bones
  8. Anything like the San Andreas swimming physics will be class!!
  9. Agreed! I thought Saint's Row 2 customization was perfect. Well Michael has a huge mansion and a family. From Trailer 2 it looks like you can just park your cars there. Trevor will have to just park beside his trailer, assuming we've saw his home somewhere in the trailer. Franklin, we only saw the inside of his place in the trailer. Maybe he'll have just decent sized driveway or something
  10. Love the new background :P

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    2. Jizzy


      what new background?



      for some reason the background would never load for some ppl like me, so now it finally loads and alot of ppl are thinkin its new, dont mind it

  11. Nice ideas! Remember Houser saying a character will return from the IV ERA? I reckon that whoever that is will have worked with Michael in the past, but also (with Michael being a retired bank robber) he has a little crew he could call???

  13. Personally I thought the physics in IV for motorcycles and helicopters were brilliant. But, Rockstar will definitely improve it.
  14. I know what you mean, those greeting cards are old style, maybe Rockstar have just brought back Vice City style, or if it's in multiple era's like you say, perhaps the protagonist, or one of them has flashbacks?? As for Rockstar's bold new direction...I think we'll find out soon enough.
  15. I heard it was meant to come out today, but Hurricane Sandy held it back. A few hours ago Ok Generators said they could help Rockstar on Twitter.
  16. I agree, one year tomorrow, and I think Rockstar have a trick up their sleeves. I reckon the next will be soon (maybe tomorrow by surprise?) and it will definitely tell us the release date, and maybe more on the protagonist(s). It will definitely be the greatest GTA and game of all time!
  17. I quite like the way you said about him being like The Joker. I don't want him to be funny, but make him sick, twisted, sinister... I remember in GTA LCS, Toni's Ma sent hitmen after you which was an interesting touch, so I'd like to see the same approach in V. He should be random, and maybe terrorist like, so maybe if you're in an area, he'll blow up a parked car, or have a bomb go off near you...Perhaps kill your family anf blow up your home forcing you into the countryside maybe
  18. Guess who's not showing their face from Spring 2013 lads!!!
  19. I think the game will definitely have gangs, especially in ghetto areas, and you might come in contact with them. Though, I think the game's main focus (The Almighty Dollar) is going to involve people -even the protagonist- turning to the black market and underbelly of LS to make ends meet.
  20. Vice City will be awesome on IOS!

  21. Vice City will be awesome on IOS!

  22. You tell alot form this artwork, mainly being that customizing weapons is definitely a feature XD
  23. Great pictures! The fact you had the patience to do it is something in it's own right!