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  1. Lol sorry if this had been said, but: Read Dead waiting lobby anyone?
  2. I know right, that's with highest settings... it wasn't long ago that these graphics were considered acceptable XD
  3. You do know V is Roman numerals for Five... right? And I don't doubt it at all, but they're not gonna give us a 60 year old man and expect us to "free run" "shoot around and running" (lmao) without thinking about it, they'll have a good reason behind anything they do with the game, stop thinking your little troll mind knows better than a a well paid team of the best game designers in the world.
  4. I had some time to kill and I hadn't seen it done anywhere else, so this is what I came up with using the MTA map editor for GTA SA to set up some of the scenes. it's a total of 12 1440x900p images so if you're running dial up... not gonna happen xD yes I know this is poor but you can't forge player/ped models into the game with a map editor =/ The only tennis courts in the game which were unusable and purely cosmetic... I'll admit some of them are a bit half-arsed, but feel free to do them yourself, it's a pain in the ass to make this work in GTA SA, I figured since I've been playing SAMP, MTA and singleplayer for like 6 years I know almost every inch of the map so I found the best spots I knew to match. Remember this is just to show the graphical and gameplay improvements, comment on what you think! SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE OTHER 6 Treefitty it wont let me have 24... And it also took me ages to get all the images together in another post So either use your Mod power to move this into the main post or leave them here this time please, it took f*ing ages Are we seeing double? *hint*
  5. I'm willing to bet that car is the Bullet GT, it matches the letters aswell. Also someone else picked up a really good point, that's from a mission, he's hanging onto the truck and it's almost definitely the "dark skinned tattooed guy" from the trailer running from the cops. Also that waterfall behind the crop dusters looks like it's worth a base jump.
  6. Oh and that's not big foot, get your fist out your ass it's a fucking small tree. Edit: ^ Yes it does, on San andreas that leads out into the ocean and if you go about 300m in the oposite direction of the screenshot you come to San Fierro airport runway
  7. I am disappoint. MORE console Screenshots, boring 720p, low AF and no AA, I'm not complaining about graphics, but if Rockstar is going to make this a console exclusive I'm going to be fucking pissed, I'm certainly not waiting another year for a console port release IF any release at all like they did with RDR! GRRR
  8. he could also flying under another aircraft, but yeah one of those plane beacon things on top of all the skyscrapers seems likely. Anyone else notice they keep posting shitty 720p with no (or very low)anti aliasing? They keep posting console screens which for me is good because it means PC gamers will get even better quality but it still sucks, I want to see this in its true beauty, if it's not available on PC there will be fucking trouble.
  9. Well we did have the Andromada in GTA San Andreas, for those who can't remember, it's a big white cargo plane with an actual cargo interior and an external working ramp. I would be fairly surprised if it would not be in GTA V. Whether these pictures are related to that or not, I'm not sure.
  10. if drugs where in this game, i'd avoid them, I personally don't use drugs in real life, but if I did, why would you want to do this in a game? like someone else said, I'd rather they spent time on things like storyline and even stuff like wall texture, instead of asking college kids what the side effects of drugs are so they can add it into the game.
  11. it would be cool if it was like real life, i agree. in england police never uses firearms unless it's a house raid against someone expected to have a weapon. However I know in america every cop carries Glock or some other small pistol, and FBI use m1911's and I think a smaller secondary for emergancies. But anyway i think it would be cool if say you commited a murder in say... the middle of a park, then yes, maybe in a few minutes police are going to be all over you, but say you killed someone at night time and there was no camera's, although maybe 1 or 2 witnesses... then perhaps say the next time you go to sleep-save at your house, you wake up to find your door about to be kicked in with armed police there to arrest you. Also on another note which is a little bit off topic, i'd like to see other disabling methods used with weapons and this can come into play with police, say a cop shoots at you but hits your leg = you might be able to hope away really slowly or just stay still in pain, and if cops shoot both your kneecaps, your fucked completely unless you have a motorbike XD. But yeah, i'm really really sick of this kind of '*police* hey you shot your gun asshole! *shoots shotgun continuously until dead.*' aswell as the hole escaping method. overall everything with the police needs a rethink so it feels right and less annoying when the police are "after you".
  12. The protagonist is Jesus Christ with a hair cut. Voiced by Jesus Christ.