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  1. I think it looks good, I mean i wish they didn't use the very first screenshots and stitch them together but hey, atleast its something right?
  2. I like the idea of seeing decorations but i highly doubt we will see that and that would be cool to see if we could accept a mission and do it later depending on the time
  3. Winter shouldnt be that long if its in the game that is...I would say maybe spring and summer but would like to see temperatures drop in the game.... i like this idea, someone on here said there could be a ski resort
  4. or say like you burned down a building in a mission and afterwards you see them trying to rebuild it each day, it could even be on the news
  5. Maybe a time where its warm during the and a little chilly at night or one day where its chilly chilly and you can se the smoke off the cars That idea sounds good maybe you start seeing the stores fade out short sleeve shirts, short pants etc. and start bringing out chilly type weather clothes
  6. Maybe they could start wearing coats or long sleeve shirts along those line somewhere
  7. Would you like to see time progression in Gta V? For example: Seasons; fall, winter, spring etc. mabye construction on a street one week then 2 in game weeks later its completed, just some minor examples. do you think is a good idea to put in the game? What are your thoughts?
  8. I think gta 5 should be realistic but to a certain point. I think it would be realistic to see traffic jams at certain times of the day and maybe actual traffic updates, actual weather updates, maybe construction that last a few in game days and give you a detour of some sort. Thats all I have for now
  9. I think it should open up with a weather feed from the radio and then the protag driving down the highway with some sceanery (early in the morning), then show some drug deals, car jacking, gun fights, that's all I got for now I'll think of more later but If you have some ideas or thoughts post them