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  1. hard 1 this. went with gta3 as it was the first gta game i ever played. i remember playing that game so much i deleted my brothers files so i could replay the game from scratch!!! also ther were 2 london gta's and weres tlad and tbogt???
  2. CJ'S time is over deal with it if you like CJ that muchPLAY GTA SA!!!!
  3. we've had some brilliant villians in the gta world like Ryder, Catalina and Dimtri. But what should the new villian be like? what would his features be? characteristics? funny/serious? someone like the joker from batman? this is what this topic is for. get writing!!! by somerandomdude
  4. bring back republican space rangers!!! not just 1 like GTAIV episode maybe 3 or 4 they remind me of a buzz lightyear on steroids
  5. your some old dude. you retired from your job of being a gang member. you settle down and try and become a family man. your son (hes in a gang) whos in his mid-20s gets killed by one of your arch enemies presumed dead when you were in the gang world. you seek revenge and try find your former gang members. you realise that your to old for this and decide bringing the gang back together was a terrible idea. so you set out to try and join a new gang... you persuade a gang to let you in despite your age on 1 condition. you kill the mayor of Los Santos. You succed in doing it and the gang lets you join. you tell them your story and they say they will help track him down. You didnt realise that you joined in the middle of a gang war. The Latinos vs The Irish (Eddie and Packie Mcreary are part of the Irish your the latinos) they said that they need your help defeating the irish gang. after the defeat of the irish gang they will look as theres no time to search. you finally defeat the gang and kill packie mcreary your gang finnaly track your sons killer in upper vinewood. you learn that he has made a new young strong gang made up of all races unlike previous gta games. you decide to go there with your gang. when you get there you find out that they have not killed your son but have kidnapped him to lure you into his trap. you get turned in to the police by him. your enemy zoomed out before the police could see who it was you were tied up with your son showing pictures of you in your gang murduring the irish they let your son go but put you in jail. your gang busts you out and you get a 5 star wanted level. youdrove with you gang (your gang consists of 4 people in each car theres 8 cars) to your enemies hideout. while they are driving you phone your son telling him to help by getting his gang to go to your enemies hideout the 2 gangs work together because they want to overtop the main gang. the police are still on your tail and they follow you to your enemies hideout. then a massive gang war bigger then any gang war in gta history breaks out. the latinos and white americans(your sons gang) vs all race gang (biggest gang ever) vs police (on 6 star wanted level). the all race gang increase in numbers. the police decide enough is enough and creathe the 8 star wanted level. you finally reach your enemies office by killing or injuring ALL of his gang. your team holds of the police while you have a long talk with your enemy. he congragulates you in defeating him. he then jumps out the window. you then try and lose the cops by stealing all there police cars you finally lose them your enemies body was never found the two gangs join to create a super gang 3 yrs later. you die in your sleep. you then play as your son. I know this wont happen but I have to admit I made up a good story
  6. free roam would be boring without them. No cheats=me going to the gun shop back and forth back and forth, then i wont have any money as i spent it all and what am i suppose to do for cash with no more missions. maybe give handjobs kill random people still there money and then get caught by the cops.