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  1. I haven't been on here in 3 years.

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    2. DuPz0r


      Welcome back, are you just saying hi or will you be back...? Don't leave me please... i've been stuck here for over a decade!

    3. Jizzy


      Nobody is going to save you, Dup. *Rubs hands together*

  2. So... how 'bout that USA team... Anybody believing the "PLAY FOR THE WIN" bullshit. I'm and American, but I do follow and compete in football more than any sport. I HATE American rules football. Nevertheless, I'm hoping the USMNT can pull out a shock victory. FIFA is cracking down pretty heavy in recent times, and even if it's an honest tie, we'll still have to overcome Belgium in Round of 16. Also, I see Ghana winning against Portugal, and by a just-good-enough-amount. I'm hoping that CR7 can make an impact along with Pepe coming back. The sad thing though is that Portugal has no chance without a blowout victory or a blowout USA loss, so they may submit VERY easily to Ghana. Tomorrow's definitely gonna be a pride war between each team.
  3. bOnEs got retweeted by Rockstar on Twitter

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i love how someone always argues with me when they do that... there's always someone upset...

      this time it was someone saying R* promotes glitches lol... what, the harmless hat glitch? give me a break...

    3. Otiz P Jivefunk

      Otiz P Jivefunk

      haters gonna hate brother. jealous bitches.

    4. CaPn bOnEs
  4. Turns out that guy on YouTube was right. Maybe the first accurate leak in the history of GTA V
  5. Supposedly there is a lot of coding referring to a "jet pack" in the next GTA Update (source: IGN)

    1. Qdeathstar


      :-/. Coding, in the next update.

    2. TreeFitty


      IGN is getting desperate for views.

  6. No, I live in the US and I love soccer, I just don't support the US national team. Me neither. I am though happy that we are Top 20 in FIFA rankings
  7. Really 31 failed attempts to download 39 mb update. What the fuck!? God damn Rockstar need to get there fucking shit together.

    1. Qdeathstar


      I think that is your fault.

  8. I prefer playing sports that don't involve a lot of man on man contact. Just because you sucked as a kid doesn't mean a sport is stupid.
  9. The strip joint one has my brother with his face in a strippers chest
  10. Cleveland's too small. I just want every city, even the minutely referenced ones, in the Rockstar Universe in one game
  11. Am I the only die hard fan from the US in this thread
  12. I always imagined Carcer as Detroit, so I would love to see a GTA with Carcer, Alderny, Liberty City, maybe Bullworth, Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, a San Andreas like representation of Florida (with Vice City, Cottenmouth, Orlando like place, and an everglades area); As for an england country: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton, maybe Cardiff; as for South American I want Rio and Sao Paulo; for and Asian land mass I want parts of China, Burma, Russia, Korea and... THE CITY OF TOKYO!
  13. the bad sport good sport system is complete BULLSHIT!

    1. Ku Zi Mu
    2. Truth


      how do I even know what I am?

    3. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu

      Check between your legs. If you have testicles, you're a man, if not, you're a woman.


  14. Has anyone bought any houses from Lenny Avery Real Estate? Or is only for that one mission