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  1. Why the fuck did I buy a huge ass hangar just so the planes only spawn in one position too small for the Titan?! I struggled to get the plane, only to find It spawns in the same small ass place as the others and then explodes. Gone forever... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-!
  2. Da fuq? Really? Well, in the aircraft purchase scene I think you can see the Luxor in the background. Could someone please add the real maverick pic to the vehicles list? (also the yacht's name is "Dignity")
  3. I found a picture of the updated maverick on Grand Theft Wiki, but I don't know how to upload pics from mobile. Could someone please? Here's a link: Has anyone else seen it??
  4. At time marker 3:35 in the gameplay trailer a hang glider can be seen soaring off a cliff, directly in front of the plane. Also the yacht is named "Dignity".
  5. Holy shit...that photo of the Super Stallion/ Chinook mix is epic. The Dignity looks driveable, sooo (*fap). Trevor smiling is somewhat cool/ creepy, and is Michael in his early 40s or late 20s? Oh yeah, and the plane may have suffered from a bird strike, or Trevor's new Airhogs w/an m80.
  6. And those websites that report on GTA5 news have retarded writers. The other day I was reading an article, and they thought some shitty looking fanmade map was released by Rockstar.