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  1. Good point.. but i think some of the nicer homes need some kind of mini games, like some people have listed above, just so your not totaly bored after you beat the game haha look at GTA4 there are only a few( boring, if i may add) things to do after you finish the story line. I just looked at the trailer again, and the narrator states that " i bought a big house" if the narrator is the protagonist, then we could be looking at a fairly nice home for the begining safehouse. The narrator uses past tense in saying "I bought", so that could be somthing to look forward too! yeah so is the narrator is the protagonist then i think there should be mini games but i wouldn't really care for them right anyway, i'm more of a play the game to good amount and then fool around with stuff like mini games.
  2. kinda depends on the main character and how wealthy he is or isn't, but i think an in between a crappy and a normal home nothing to big or to small but something to just get you started in the beginning of the game, it wouldn't really matter if the house has mini games or not cause you wanna focus on the game itself, or that's just my opinion
  3. a dealership where you actually have to by cars in a game called grand theft auto?
  4. this is a really good topic, i do agree with everyone else though the paranoid thing is a little much unless it was a mission where we had to follow someone like in L.A Noire the target you were following would frequently turn around because they were suspicious, and for the random mugging idea, it sounds pretty cool, it could happen like @Kreuzn said in red dead redemption they did have that kind of thing happen so good job on the new idea.
  5. all these ideas seem pretty badass especially the portable safehouses
  6. i agree with StockBroker808 depends on the intro, most GTA games starts off with a task right after the intro, but after that probably roam around check out the enviornment maybe ride around but ill most likely get right to the missions.
  7. i didnt like the rating and timed system that TBoGT had because i feel like i was always rushing but i did like the replay missions part.
  8. i think that such a good idea. it would so cool. even what pedestrianriots said even if it was a mission it would still be pretty cool
  9. Swizz beats was also in GTA IV he had a coupe of good songs in there so hopfully rockstar brings him back