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  1. Thanks for your feedback to my map. If you have any ideas for changing please tell me. I will try create a map with your advices. @gmt When you turn the map you can see similarities to geographic of souther california
  2. yes I have butI don`t know how I can uploaded this. It has 4mb. If you send me your email adress i would send it to you.
  3. Hey guys! I am new in this forum. I`m from germany and a very big fan of GTA. First I have to say big respect to fitty. You make great work. I made a map for Los Santos after reading in different forums. If you look at it you can see a border. I think/hope Rockstar put mexico in the game. They did in RDR and i think they can/you can do a lot of missions when you have a country like that. It is my little wish. The size of the map is GTA SA, RDR & GTA4 with room to spare (Rockstar statement) GTA SA 14,52 sq mi GTA 4 6,38 sq mi RDR 11,98 sq mi Alltogether 32,88 sq mi. In another statement Rocktar said only the city an countrysid would be three times RDR and with the ocean 5 times. That woul mean only for the country 41,93 sq mi. So i made the map with 3,5 times rdr and on the top in the right corner you can size Liberty City from GTA IV. Sorry for my bad english. I try my best. Here it is. Give me a little feedback