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  1. Yeah it's a wierd multicolored thing kinda looks like a golf course
  2. According to gtawikia.com This car is the khamelion and this is the back view http://images.wikia.com/gtawiki/images/3/3f/GTA-V-Khamelion-Screenshot.jpg Disregard my last this isn't the khamelion but it is the back of this car http://images.wikia.com/gtawiki/images/f/f7/GT%28FrontQuarter%29-GTAV.jpg
  3. well it's 10:15 and no screens where is your god now gunsmith WHERE???!!!?!?
  4. what makes you think it will be 9-10 for us ( the east coast)
  5. I honestly don't care about that at all. I wasn't even listening to what the guy said, something about bonus shit I don't care. I was just excited because we'll probably see those screenshots soon
  6. Hope to see these screenshots within the week Yaaay new shit.
  7. There's no certain person I'll play the most as. Because each person has their own thing that is plus for them. Like I'll play as micheal when I want a fast or expensive sports cars or flashy SUVs. I'll play as Trevor when I want easy access to planes and off roading trucks, and tractor trailers (lorries for anyone from the uk) . Ill switch to Franklin when I want pimped out cars and want to hang around in Compton or whatever the gta equivalent is. So I won't have a favorite character because each one of them has a wide array of things to contribute that I like
  8. I think I remember GameInformer mentioning that that Rockstar said there would be snow
  9. Also I wonder will the tanker trailer be a lethal weapon like in saints row or will it just spit fire through bullet holes like in gta 4
  10. Do you guys think trailer hitches will be an included think that is standard on certain vehicles or a custumizable thing
  11. I've noticed this and really like how the cops don't seem retarded this time around like in trailer two when That car dropped off the back of the truck the cop didn't just run into it he went around it. Or how in the Trevor driving the Sabre GT screenshot the cops seem to keep a safe distance when chasing them. Sorry if a little off topic
  12. I would like to see ( and this probably won't happen) but if there's a YouTube equivalent in this game peds uploading scenes of you causing graphic chaos. Since they have been seen recording you with their phones in the Trevor trailer
  13. That must be some good crack cuz that's not an admiral I am wondering though if that car will be a Lincoln or a Mercedes in this game since its been both on the past GTAs
  14. Oh cool I was thinking it was u but I hate to assume things based on what I see on the Internet I thought that pic was some1 random u posted by mistakes good looks nigga
  15. Who's that a picture of? And no the livery isn't different the sun's reflection is causing it to look like a different color
  16. That's a billboard for an iFriut pad I'd like to see a place like AutoEroticar come back maybe cars dealerships for individual companies like a Vapid dealership or a Karin dealership
  17. I think that was either beta or maybe the back of mt. Chiliad or somewhere in the Zacudo river region
  18. Ok ok no effort with the proper technology but u kno they didn't do any actual work but I'm sorry I. Should have phrased that different I can admit it when I'm wrong
  19. Honestly with some help I could probably do what they did but I lack the equipment ant technological experience
  20. I know I could've fuckin done that and turned it into a 40 minute video cuz it took literally no effort to do