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  1. I thought that it look small too but this screen makes it look fuckin massive
  2. No I mean did u hand draw it and scan it of did u use photoshop or adobe in design or a program like that
  3. Oh, somebody already dun did it. Looking at the airport runways i'd say that seems roughly accurate. For the GTA IV one anyway which is the one that matters to me. So maybe it is slightly bigger than I expected. Here's my stupid ass thinking that they've released a big chunk of the map of the map when according to size and scale this just barely a quarter of it
  4. I wonder what purpose that island will serve since there's no bridge attached to it maybe it will be a nuclear power plant like in Saints Row
  5. I think that you're forgetting just how big GTA lV was ~ Don't you remember GameInformer said it was bigger than Liberty City, and I'm saying I can now see how that's true when I couldn't before
  6. I don't know why but this picture made Los Santos look small But this one made it look huge I can definitely see that it's bigger than Liberty City
  7. I agree with everything you said. I too would like some beefier engines sounds for the vehicles, especially for the muscle cars/sports cars. They sounded pretty wimpy in GTA lV. I don't want to get off topic but this is very true in gta 4 the muscle cars sounded like low pitched tuners and the tuners just sounded weird. I don't know if there's a whole sound copyright progress issue or whatnot but it would be really nice to drive the dukes and hear the power you have I don't know maybe we can improve it at the customization shops but I thought this was worth putting out there
  8. But not as Many as you'd think in LA. If your talking about Audi and Mercedes than yes but if you mean a car like the Opel insignia or an Alfa Romeo Spider ( vehicles that are not usually seen or sold in America) than mor European cars might be less likely for the game
  9. The official game guides (usually made by Brady Games) have a vehicle list oh good i was beginning to get worried that we would have to find them all by are self's and miss one or two. No there's a wiki that has very detailed vehicle pages for every gta. It's edited by a community
  10. The cocksuckery is at an all time high on this site why make it decrease
  11. Well this site ( TreeFitty) along with other sites sure has done a hell of a job finding vehicles I'm amazed he's done a little better than other gta wiki sites I've seen
  12. So is there actually an official vehicle list made by Rockstar Or is it just a thing made by fansites once the game is Made like the Cars GTA4
  13. Does anyone know when they released the vehicle list for gta4
  14. anyone think they'll Release the vehicle list before the game comes out because if they do ill jizz my pants with happiness
  15. Jesus I gotta learn to lighten up it just I've seen people tear each others heads off over dumb little shit like that
  16. Sorry I got auto corrected it was supposed to say it was supposed to say repeated
  17. I feel like this article just repressed everything we already know and put it into brochure form with like two new pieces of information
  18. What no I'm being serious it kinda does look like the car I'm aware of the ongoing argument/ feud between you two but believe me I'm not trying to get involved in any way at all. I was just trying to change the subject And point out something I saw is all