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  1. So Dupz0r you're not even a little mad that they completely took what was mostly your work and passed it off as their own at least the accurate part they passed off as their own anyway
  2. I think they had their fog lights on in one shot and then turned them off at some point
  3. There's not really anything that makes it "their" map at all when u think about it. it looks exactly like dup's and their version was edited by others not even them so none it is even theirs they kinda just turn hey look what we in found intoa 40 minute video
  4. I watched like half an hour of it I am sorry for dishonoring you oh great lord DuPz0r it will not happen again I promise
  5. They're right about things that everyone knows to be true and they just reiterate the information. what really is wrong with the videos is the stupid lucid guesses they make that wind up being holy fuck wrong
  6. It was kind of accurate up until when they were leaving the Compton area than it kinda went downhill I noticed that On their map like 3,4 maybe five of the roads in the countryside just abruptly end for no reason
  7. yeah what the hell I thought they'd at least change the shape but it just shows how much people trust your work dup
  8. Sadly this is true sometimes I cringe at watching their videos when they make incorrect statements sometimes I just scream WRONG WRONG FUCKING WRONG at the screen. That's why I hate vehicle breakdown videos of gta on YouTube cuz they're just so fucking wrong
  9. Idk it might be a tie because CVG has a bunch of people working on this it might pose a threat to the all k owing DuPz0r. Then again his mapping skills were spot on so I'm not going to doubt his genius, I guess we'll just have to wait and see
  10. Yes there is a need for it to have a different name because the regular patriot is already present so the military version would have to have a different name
  11. Patriot xterme or patriot rugged or patriot off road is what they might call it Or maybe patriot soldier
  12. I believe that in the GTA5 issue of GameInformer they said Los Santos was roughly the size of Liberty
  13. I don't know I guess the font from the second trailer
  14. That's weird about the car font I wasn't expecting cursive I guess I expected something more reminiscent of LA
  15. Fact said "No. No it wont. I'll be in the bathroom." Ok I'm coming just let me get the handcuffs and the matches I didn't really think of how it would work but I was worried cuz some "professionals" on YouTube said it would definitely be on two discs for Xbox but I'm glad to hear its not
  16. I apologize oh great overlord my unsureness got the better of my I shall never question you again oh great FACT. My impudence will not go unpunished
  17. U sure? cuz I keep hearing that its gonna be on multiple discs cus the Xbox can't handle the entire map
  18. I really really hope it isn't but do you think that because of the map size the game will be on two discs Or multiple discs
  19. I'm lookin for actual vehicles though dup try and sneak me some pics
  20. I would hope they just went away when you went to the hospital
  21. He has to be there is an employee among us hey dup can start doin a vehicle list next u know since you've got access to that next level GTA5 intel. I'm dyin to see the cars can hook me up with a list