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  1. I hope your talking about a 350Z because if so I'm right there with you
  2. What?^ no I meant like some people might think they were fake cuz the lighting effects for the police lights were touched up like making the blue on the lights more blue and the reds more red
  3. I would love to see the return of monster truckss again also I have seen a few lighted interiors and I think they're real http://images.wikia.com/gtawiki/images/8/8f/Lighted_interiors.jpeg and http://images.wikia.com/gtawiki/images/a/af/Lighted_interior_2.jpeg Yes yes I know you all hate that^ site especially TreeFitty but that's the only way for me to pictures
  4. Where did you find this TreeFitty? Ok sorry looks like I just need to learn to read
  5. I would love to see more focus on the offroading vehicles. Like adding a truck like the ford raptor and calling it the vapid Pterodactyl. I've already seen that Karin offroading truck lets see some more
  6. Also the hood is diffrent from the one trevor is driving. I think the bumper might be custom too why through the woods, why not over all the rich ass mother fuckers cars in the city Thats a given nobody can resist the urge to drive over the snobby bitch in the turismo I had the most fun in gta 4 with the patriot even tho it had those ghetto ass rims I am really hoping that the suspension won't be so soft if you can modify your truck to have a huge lift kit. If anyone saw the monster tuck mod in gta 4 you'll remember that the suspension was so soft that you barely inflicted damage to the car you ran over. So I'm hoping for a firmer suspension
  7. I would love it if in gta 5 they had that thing from Midnight Club LA where you can pull over then run away but when you pull over it has that TruTV COPS dashboard camera
  8. Stayed hyped my friends our day of reckoning is near prepare yourselves

  9. Am I the only one ( and I am risking sounding stupid here) that thinks the rail bridges and rivers are behind this mountain and beyond this mountain there are more mountains. I don't think it's Los santos' backyard I think if u were to spin the camera around 180 degrees you would see the Los Santos skyline
  10. No not you the one who has a hairy pumpkin as his signature
  11. your right about that being near smoke's house it's that same bridge, and yes that is Lamar on the jet ski looks like he's helping Franklin and Trevor pull a heist
  12. - wiki good job Fitty that's an amazing find
  13. For reference reasons or finds but my uploader won't work for pics anymore
  14. I have to my uploader wont upload pictures any more but now that the screenshots are in the newsfeed make the links to this site
  15. What the hell is micheal supposed to be standing in front of http://images.wikia.com/gtawiki/images/0/03/Screenshot-MichaelWatching-GTAV.jpg
  16. He had lines in his hair in his trailer watch it and look again
  17. Yeah those are from E3 locomotiva at the GTA E3 video. You'll recognize them
  18. Maybe but there's like a big hill in it and it looks to be the shape of a heart kinda