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  1. No they're not gonna let you ave turn signals that you can control
  2. That chopper isn't the same as the same as the police maverick it's a different chopper t
  3. No no the cops in my town are ridiculously bored and spring at the chance to pull anyone over or fucking anything but u may be right. And yeah I prefer the custom lights as opposed to lights that make it appear as if there are none. It's just kind of a dumb look
  4. No he meant coal black taillights where they're like the color of the car's paint
  5. Well I see these "moronic" people drive their cars right past cops and not a shit is given so maybe It's just an Ohio thing. Plus Rockstar won't give a fuck about realism in terms of laws. The realism thing might not matter to them but then again in Midnight Club LA blackened lights weren't an option so I'd imagine they'd just take the customization elements from that game and modify them to the specifications of gta5 cars with a few updates but we'll just have to find put I guess
  6. Are you sure cuz as you might see I live in jersey and I see them all the time is this a new law
  7. they're illegal? Must only be where your from I see em all the time where I live
  8. I hope they have indepth customization like in midnight club. Things like headlight and tailight customization neon (if its not illegal in California by now) custom exhaust tips, side skirts, special doors, and interior customization
  9. TenPennyKilla yes look at the buffalo obviously two different gens
  10. These trucks I thought for sure these three woulda been in the vehicles section by now
  11. It might be a customizable option to put a trailer hitch on a truck or SUV
  12. Pfft what the fuck ever This⬇
  13. No offense but I don't think they would do that unless they're british cars that are available in America too I'd love to see a gta version of a Nissan GTR and 350z
  14. But isn't that the ubermacht logo on the front or are my eyes playing tricks on me Shit never mind that's the benefactor logo
  15. Do u think tractor trailers will be customizable too like in saints row
  16. It alright so someone explain to me does TreeFitty just do the vehicle list on his own and occasionally ask us for help or does he actually look at these posts and use them to make the vehicle list?
  17. Good news ACEOFSPADES327 Rockstar seems like they possibly put in the entire gta4 vehicle list into gta5 ( I am basing this lucid guess on the fact that I saw the old bobcat,old ingot, and two generations of the buffalo) so they might have done that then added second generations of several more of their cars