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  1. I'm just gonna force this to a different subject look a this screenshot now I know its highly improbable but am I the only one who thinks this copcar looks like the old vapid police cruiser from gta4 look at the grill
  2. Hot damn I never would've noticed that good job bOnEs
  3. that would make a lot of sense and would be consistent with this screenshot
  4. Well I will admit it will make for a bit of a challenge in a police chase if your on a motorcycle or a vehicle that's not good for ramming especially since they can kill you while driving
  5. No i mean in real life that's a stupid procedure for cops in real life
  6. Well shit I guess it does happen, but on paper it seems like a fucking terrible idea that could result in a lot of injuries
  7. exactly unless someone can Tell me otherwise I don't think police are using this kind of procedure in any part of the world, also FlOppy I really hope that your wrong about the whole jumping on your car thing that would suck, I was hoping the most that they would was shoot at u with one hand while hanging with the other
  8. I'm wondering, since I've seen it three different times now, what's with the cops hanging on the sides of the trucks. I've never seen or even heard of that ever happening do you think it's just a new unique thing Rockstar made up or am I missing something
  9. I. Hope they incorporate better sounds for the muscle cars in gta5 because in 4 they sounded like low pitched tuners every other sound was great though
  10. hey I'm new to this whole fan site thing I never knew a site such as this even existed before 2012 or any fan site for that matter . I just wanted to know. More. About what exactly it is and how the process works is that so wrong
  11. I thought fan sites were for breakdowns and stuff like that and showing you things in trailers and screenshots that would have been missed
  12. Huh I never knew that I though all information went solely through Rockstar
  13. But I though the only Rockstar released any information about the game and other sites just reported them
  14. Oh ok but why. Aren't they on Rockstar's page I looked everywhere
  15. No I mean I can't find them. Anywhere these are new but idk where they came from. Cus they aren't on the newsfeed for this site
  16. Does anyone know where these vehicles updates came from. I checked out the Rockstar news wire and there's no new updates
  17. Im probably gonna hear no end of how stupid I am for not understanding what you mean but could you clarify please TreeFitty
  18. Maybe for Blaine County but I think for offroad chases they'll use those sheriff trucks
  19. So this cruiser is probably what you encounter at one star. The other cruisers seen in Franklin's trailer are probably what you might encounter at 2-3 stars
  20. well I guess they didn't drop the LAPD original cruiser design looks like they have both