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  1. Dup how do make such accurate guesses there's gotta be more to it
  2. Yeah but it will just be the ocean immediate to San Andreas there's no way they made the ocean fully explorable that would take months upon months to design
  3. Do the scars go away when u go to he hospital or do they duty throughout the entire game
  4. They fucked up the map for me. Now whenever I look at the finished map ill think " hmm that stared out as a retarded child's headscan
  5. Alright I showed my friend he said it does look like a retarded child's headscan
  6. I don't think they are buffaloes look at the side of these cars they look like regular cops Maybe that first one
  7. The very first thing ill do is switch to micheal find a high end car. Drive to the airport and cause some carnage along the way. Steal a plane. Fly to the military base parachute out steal a tank and the rest I'm sure you can figure out for yourself
  8. My definition gang banging is lighting up ballas fillings cars full of hot lead shootin the cops boys in the hood shit
  9. How the fuck are they already sold out it was announced this week I didn't even think they would sell extravagantly because of the price
  10. I can't upload pictures to my replies anymore it keeps telling me an error occurred any1 wanna help me with this look at this though someone on another wiki site thought DuPz0r's map he made was real lol good job dup http://gta.wikia.com/User_blog:Dodo8/Leaked_GTA_V_map
  11. I know it's not supposed to be here in this topic but 1) I don't know how to start around topic and 2). I don't know where it should go so I'm just gonna ask the question I saw this new screenshot confirmed by another site saying it's real but it doesn't look real to me what do you guys think Shit that post was an accident disregard DISREGARD
  12. The regular gta5 I'm wondering will the price be higher than $60 because it's on multiple discs
  13. I hope so I'm looking forward to cruising the highway with Los Santos' finest pursuing me