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  1. i hate hate people who say that a game is going to be crap or whatever before it is release!,it's pathetic and frankly its sad ,goes to show that people that do that don't have a life and is taking there anger out on making idiotic comments and judgements on subjects similar to that "10 reasons" shit ............and i bet you that same person that says thing like that will go buy and play that game over and over after it is released .
  2. If the tire smoke is the same as gta iv that would sort of ruin it for me . . . It would be awesome if R* would improve it some I can do a shweet burnout !!!!
  3. So this random topic I created wasn't a total waste . . . Its kwl to see some people share the liking in FP view in shooting eg.
  4. So 1st person view isn't such a bad idea to add to GTA if you just want to fool around in the game , I'd use it when I go around shooting people haha
  5. Not as a perminent veiw ,just when you cicle though the different veiws ingame Just as an extra.GTA must stay a 3rd person veiw game,
  6. Haha its just something random that I came up with so I thought I'd just make a topic of it
  7. Well I don't if someone has made a topic on this or not , I know that GTA isn't known for this but when I saw the trailer I saw AK's that had attachments on,so I wonder if GtA V would have a 1st person veiw .I think it will be cool for when you get in a gun fight to get a FPS feel in GTA .but I want to hear what you guys think on this
  8. On ps3 and xbox the graphics has to be drop cause you can't custom the consoles with performance upgrades. Like a pc can And pc is still the best for 3D gaming
  9. The fact is that ps3 and xBox will never be better than pc . . Iv seen it first hand. . . . Pc is on top of of the gaming world . . And xbox was created by microsoft(does microsoft ring a bell to us pc gamers)that said I rest my case
  10. Duffman,i couldn't of said it any better,adding an option like that is a good idea but the amount of plays in multiplay will be very low (maybe ever as low as 2 plays max)cause you have to take in consideration on other vehciles that are in the area of draw distancemlike Duffman said ,detailing on components such as bumpers,grills,lights,bonnet,suspention(shocks,a-arms),wheels,brakes,and tones more must be added ,plus on top of that it must be done on every vehcile in the game .which will require a lot more memory ,CPU performance and GPU performance to place and calculate all the movements of they .
  11. Well realistic car crashs are abit much for GTA,like one guy siad "you constintly crach a vehicle in the game .the only thing I think GTA must do is put more crash details to the exsisting crash system that was used in GTA IV ,like the a headlight falling out ,mirrors falling off stuff like that , tire and rim gamage would be a good idea to . . That's my opinion . . Anyone agree with me ?
  12. I can personaly say that PC has more performance and vusials than PS3 (If you spent same cash on a good pc).A mate of mine has a PS3 and I Have a PC ,and let me tell you something the PS3 lags when you play GTA4 so no one can say otherwise as I have seen it with my own eyes. I have no prob on what platforms R* releases GtA5 1st or last ,as long as they release It on PC ,I'm happy.
  13. San Andreas or Los Santos ,its going to be the best gta yet!!!
  14. yo The Mad Dooby , I'm 100% with you on your idea ,it would be awesome to do all those modifications in GTA . . .then you'll know that the car will be one of a kind
  15. One thing i'd like R* to improve is the burnout smoke when you do a burnout in a car