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  1. PSN - TheMightyPodge R* SC - Podge420 Currently looking for a crew, even though I'm still not sure what it is all about
  2. I'm from Middlesbrough in England, voted officially worst place to live in the country. And to be honest, it is a shithole, but there are worse places in my opinion.
  3. Could of been worse. He could of said maybe the black one is for the rapist aids ridden honky, and the white ones for the normal people
  4. fuckin awesome idea, thats one of the first things I'll be doin now
  5. i hear "lets go rape and mug this old lady, she'll probably get aids though. then lets go and smoke some crack and wear our pants so you can see our asshole"
  6. Never really been a fan of online games, and I only ever really by GTA for the campaign. But it looks so good I may have to partake. I'll still probably complete the story first.
  7. I remember that bastard in GTA1 pickpocketing you. The cheeky little cunt, I'd like to see him back so I can beat shit outta him
  8. I wonder if you wanted a house but it wasn't for sale, you wait outside and murder them fuckers when they come out. Or if you break in and kill the bastards, it may be cheaper on the market. Would be cool, but I think its doubtful
  9. I agree mate, thats some good looking out. Put a lot of effort and thought into that and in my eyes it seems totally feasible You could have it pretty much spot on. I haven't got a clue what they could be stealing though
  10. thats what i think. im sure i read or heard somewhere that the days passed etc play more of a part than in past gta's
  11. ^^that tiger situation could provide some entertainment for a while. and im not too fussed about deers, im gonna be hunting dogs. i wonder how many breeds of dogs will be in the game, its not something im too bothered about to be honest, was just wondering.
  12. Bulldozer was announced in the CVG interview. That could provide some entertainment now that a lot more of the world is destroyable. It could also play part in one or more heists
  13. I wonder if the world of weed will have much impact on the game. whether you do some work for an owner of the shop or anything etc. this game looks awesome, and the map looks fuckin huuuge
  14. i think the video will just be 5 minutes of CJ lifting weights and eating Cluckin Bell
  15. probably select michael and go to his home, wait for the wife to give him some shit, then beat the shit out of her
  16. I can see where you are coming from, but I think that they get info from people reporting you (car jacking/steaqling a car etc) but at other times it is retarded. but i totally agree with the hiding situation, you should be able to hide somewhere out of their sight
  17. haha cheers mate. i didnt see the point as i mostly just read. but then i realised i have so much knowledge for the children i need to start posting more. plus i saw celph titled wearing the tee a while ago aqnd i loved it
  18. Because of his retarded stage name and the retarded title of his song, I hope not. I just looked up the song, and I have to agree. It's O.K. by Modern Rap's standards, but very mediocre when compared too better Hip Hop. Personally I'd hope for some better shit then this for the rap station. But I haven't heard a good song in ages, I just hope Rockstar digs up something good. Mediocre?? It's complete shit! Reminds me of Waka Flocka except this guy has an IQ maybe 10 points higher. I personally wouldn't mind the song featuring in GTA 5 for that modern feel and some 50 cent songs and The Game (Rapper), but I would also like that underground rap too. What Gunsmith? I didn't quite understand your last post. why is everybody quoting this conversation?
  19. to be honest i really dont go online either so im not fussed. i play gta and thats about it. i used to play skate 3. gta online isnt very good in my opinion, but like i said i dont really go online so i dont know whats happening on it. hopefully gta v will have some gameplay worthy of going online, but i wont explore that until ive finished the story
  20. Changed the last pic. last one looks ok, but the second last one is shit now haha. iv always thought that. id love to be able to choose the colour it gets sprayed. even if it doesnt have that much choice, such as sky blue, pear blue, candy blue, matt blue etc. if i can choose between about 10 colours id be happy. maybe a few more options for 2-tone cars like the banshee
  21. i hope chief keef isnt in it, that song is fukcin shit. it seems as though nowadays every rapper has slowed right the fuck down, its not even rapping anymore. id love a pirate station that played a load of underhround hip hop, but i dont see that happening. but i would love to start a rampage whilst listening to some awesome punchlines from celph titled and apathy