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  1. im not trolling, and anyone who thinks i am is closed minded. Companys working on games sign a NDA contract stating that they cant release any information. Thats why his agencey denied the rumors... its clearly his voice in the trailer... i dont understand so many people are refusing to recognize it.
  2. Vercetti is the main character. The trailer voice is Ray Liotta. His agency denied the rumors because they are under a do not release order from rockstar if you know ray liotta its quite obvious the voice is his... i dont know why everyone thinks its otherwise
  3. well they dont want to make the game anything like saints row or the other open world games that are retardedly un realistic. GTA always follows a more realistic yet game like niche.
  4. I need the ability to rob stores like in Vice City or the other GTA versions. GTA4 was lacking that, you couldnt really rob stores or people... they would just hands up and run... not give u money.. banks would be cool to rob. Then I also need the ability to go to multiple gun stores. I liked the huge Ammunation in previous GTA versions. I cant believe there was no enterable large Ammunation in gta 4. I need a large gun store with tons of guns. Enterable police stations also. Gta4 lacked enterable police stations...
  5. I dont think anyone has brought this up yet, if they have.. please delete. In the trailer you can see many variants of the Kalashnikov rifle... One has a red dot scope... the other has a laser beam on the side.. I wonder how the customization will work? Can you separately buy add-ons at the gun store? I loved the way in Crysis how you could customize your gun addons. I hope its something like that. What type of modifications do you want to see? Grenade Launcher on your rifle? Sniper scope Ak47? Bipods?