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  1. Okay I just got the news. Los Santos will be the size of SA, RDR, and IV combined??? HOLY FUCKING SHIT. That's waht? 40mi^2? that big. huge gigantic! by far and away exceeded my expectations wheres my fucking cell phone shitt asdaa EDIT: Wow, grammar and spelling be damned lol. And it seems to be the general consensus that the whole map is that size, not just Los Santos so I'll just go with the flow. Ridiculously huge map either way, though.
  2. I definitely think the more realistic, the better. But that's just my opinion. GTA IV's driving but less soft and floaty (not all car's handle like Oldsmobiles from the 1970s ) I'll be happy. My big problem was the AI. I too drive like a civilian sometimes and find it really annoying that the AI treats you like an obstacle when you stop at a red light and goes around or crashes into you. The only time I see both the reverse lights working on my Marbelle is when I'm backing out of the Pay n' Spray because I get rear-ended at the first intersection 99% of the time. The AI needs to be a bit smarter and generally do a better job at following traffic laws. And as joealmont said, the some of the traffic lights are backwards but this is only at 3-4 intersections that I've noticed.
  3. About 10 years ago, I was a member of a little online city-building game that I forget the name of. When I joined, I was wasted and couldn't think of anything so I named my city Fluffy Town because that was the first thing that popped into my head. Later that night, I was bored with my life so I decided to Google "Fluffy Town". Nothing came up so I (still bored with my life) decided to make my own country. I saw the word "Google" across my computer screen in big colorful letters and decided to combine Fluffy Town and Google and name my country Googlefluff. My profile name has always been Googlefluff since then.
  4. I just hope we hear something relatively soon. I'm not in any rush or anything, but something new to get excited about would be nice. lol I bought that shirt!
  5. Yeah. They only showed Los Santos in the first SA trailer so there's definitely a chance of another city in GTA V.
  6. I was going west on Township Road 292 near Cremona, Alberta, then north on the 22, then east on the 580. I don't know how to give you a link to a specific location but you'll find it if you type it in to Google Maps. I would have gone into the mountains, but it obviously wasn't my car so...
  7. I told you what I did and whether you believe it or not, I don't care. I told you what I think and whether you agree or not, I care even less. We should definitely agree to disagree on this one before it gets out of hand and we get dealt a blow from the ban hammer.
  8. It's not bullshit. That's what I got. In the Porsche, I went 100 miles at an average speed of 100mph (I was in the countryside). It has a 19.4 gallon tank that was full when I set off and had 17 gallons left after the hour of driving. That's just under 40mpg. By the way, I was at 6000rpm in 2nd gear at 100mph which isn't going to blow the engine. And no, the Jetta wasn't a diesel.
  9. Problem with wanting a big and powerful car over here is the price of petrol. Though only for a short amount of time, I have been in a 1970 Dodge Challenger and 1969 Ford Mustang and they were very fun and quite comfortable. I still didn't like them as a whole, though. They were squishy, had automatic gearboxes, and I didn't like how they looked. I had just as much fun in my dad's '92 Jetta when I was little. Yup, as much fun as a Mustang but with only 120hp. They're faster than they look. We got it up to 130mph once (top speed of your dad's Challenger is 160mph by the way). Said Jetta got 50-60mpg. I spent an hour in a '97 Porsche 911 going 100mph in 2nd gear the whole time and got and 40mpg.
  10. I live in Canada so there is a mix of European, Japanese, and American cars and every single American car (except for Focuses, Fiestas, Aveos etc. which aren't American anyway) are huge compared to everything else on the road. One of my relatives also happens to own a Mercedes and it's way smaller than a Crown Vic, Lincoln, or Cadillac. It's actually only about the same length as a minivan (no, it isn't an A-Class). The other problem I have with them is build quality. I don't mean the old ones, they were well-built because that was when they tried, I mean post-1970s when they stopped building things properly and started living by the motto "Build for as little as possible, sell for as much as possible". I've spent 2 days in a Pontiac Sunfire, 11 hours in a GMC, 7 hours in a Dodge Grand Caravan, 5 hours in a Chrysler Neon, and 3 hours in a Saturn and the best word I can use to describe them all was shit. Just watch this It's a video that compares American cars to European cars.
  11. I hope that you drive your little European shitbox straight into a big-ass 1970 Cadillac. American cars being "big-ass" is their biggest problem. Just sayin'.
  12. I don't have a car at the moment but I'd really like to have a 1980s-1990s VW or a W123 Mercedes (you can get them so cheap now it's awesome). I'd also like to point out that most American cars are completely ridiculous and I don't like them. I probably shouldn't have said that. Mad Dooby, Bones, and many others will now proceed to try and brutally murder me.
  13. The one thing that drove me nuts in GTA IV was that, in a frontal crash, the hood stayed flat and changed shape/got smaller rather than bending upwards like in real life. I made an awesome diagram to show you what I mean (the hood is in red): This^ along with other details like wing mirrors coming off, wheels coming off, and better deformations would definately make me happy. Of course if they ever used something like CryEngine, it would be the best thing ever IMO. Edit: Couldn't get the diagram to work. You get the idea though.
  14. Man, I remember when I thought those graphices where amazing! Heck, I remember when I thought the Rush 2 graphics for the N64 where amazing.
  15. I know this topic's a month old but who the hell cares. He has absolutely no evidence whatsoever to back up anything he said in that article, not to mention it's all complete nonsense anyway.
  16. I honestly don't know what to expect from the GTA V map. A decently sized Los Santos, San Diego to the south, a few small towns all around, and good countryside in between is probably the most we can reasonably hope for. And I (along with mostly everyone else) will probably be very pleased with that.
  17. I would use a car for short trips around the city and for long drives (if I wasn't timed or in a hurry) and a plane if I needed to go somewhere quickly or to just take in the scenery.
  18. I hope won't be like that the one sounds like la noire so no and just want a dlc with More advanced/modern weapons and cars not one set in the 20s that would be dumb . Really? Anyway, I'm not sure what I'd want as DLC. Map expansions sound cool but I don't know if they'd work all that well. I also like what they did with the Episodes of Liberty City but I think simple mission, vehicle, and weapon add-ons would be best.
  19. I definately agree with what people have been saying about buying cars at dealerships and/or off the internet. I would be a great way to get the car you want. It was annoying driving around a certain area for weeks just to get a nice, rare, car that you never drove because you were scared of wrecking it. Maybe there could be new car dealerships for modern cars and used car dealerships for old cars? I also like the idea of many variations of the same car (coupe, sedan, hatch, etc.) along with different model years of the same car. Here's what I'd like R* to do: Add a W123 Mercedes sedan, coupe, and station wagon/estate (like the Admiral in GTA SA) Bring back the 1st and 2nd gen Schafters from IV/TBoGT and add station wagon/estate versions Having an old Land Rover of any kind would be sweet. Edit: I think I saw one in the trailer under the overpass! Add a first gen Golf GTi (Older version of the Club?) Bring back the Camper from SA but give it more of a factory look (shorter, not slammed, and without the ridiculous rims) Add a 1963 hardtop non-turbo version of the Comet with no spoiler. I love the original 911 Having those in GTA V would make my day!
  20. Yay! First post! Some of these may have been mentioned before, but here's what I'd like to see: -Several versions of the same car. For example, sedan and station wagon versions of the Oracle, convertible, notchback, and fastback versions of the Stallion, and two-door and four-door versions of the Hakumai. Maybe even different model years or generations of the same car like a 1986 Sentinel and a 2012 Sentinel. -More realistic Police. Maybe at a one star wanted level you can pull over and they'll give you a ticket rather than arresting you. You shouldn't get arrested for getting in a minor fender-bender with a cop or knocking someone down because they walked out into the street. One time (in GTA 4), a ped was running from a cop, runs right out into the road in front of me. I swerved and slammed on the brakes and end up just knocking him over. He gets up and keeps going, but the cop runs right up to my door and arrests me for hitting the criminal he was chasing! It's times like this that drive me bonkers. -More realistic traffic and AI. I think there should be a slider in the options menu that allows you to adjust the amout of traffic on the roads (off, low, medium, high, realistic?). Also, different amounts of traffic should spawn in different areas. There should be more traffic downtown and on major roads/motorways and less traffic in residential areas and side streets. The traffic AI definately needs to be improved. They can't seem to figure out how to turn left, they often swerve violently without reason (especially on the Algonquin Bridge), and when you stop for a red light (Which I do regularly because I'm weird) they honk at you, try to go around you like you're an obstacle, and usually end up rear-ending you. -There needs to be an option to keep your car from dissapearing when you go away from it or get in another vehicle. Here's how I think it should work: Get in the vehicle you want to keep. Take out your phone and go to "options". Press "save vehicle". Now the vehicle you're in will never dissapear no matter how far away you go or how many other vehicles you get into. It'll even stay wherever you left it if you die, get arrested, or go on a mission. This also means you can take your rare car on mission and not have to worry about having to leaving it behind. So you can drive your favourite car instead of leaving it at your safe house because you don't want to lose it. -I don't really care about in-depth car customization (though it would still be cool), but I definately want to be able to pick my car's colour at a Pay n' Spray. Of course I also want all the usual stuff like a big map, good story line, and planes and bikes, but that pretty much sums up the ones that are most important to me. GTA V will be sweet!