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  1. Whenever I try to take a picture, it says that "Online services are disable for this account." I've looked around the interwebs and it seems that the only people having this problems are people with XBL Silver accounts (I'm on Xbox BTW) but I have Gold. Is anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?
  2. Finally saved up enough and bought the $87k apartment in Little Seoul, switched sessions to join a friend, and lost it along with the money I used to buy it. Now I'm back to square one and hoping that things get sorted out soon.
  3. Passive mode needs to protect you from people running you over and shooting and blowing up the car you're driving. I'm in the process of being harassed by someone who I won't name (*cough*NiKKo J11*cough*) and am being run over constantly. I was on the way to an ATM too so I lost like $2 000 (a lot when you're just starting out).
  4. An FIB topic would be great. Anyway, here are some of my photos:
  5. Why thank you, sir. My mom's minivan awaits!
  6. Eh, who knows. But hey, before too long I won't have to take the bus everywhere.
  7. Guess who just got their license?!?!
  8. Yeah, it's a Dubsta. They're pretty easy to find and excellent off-road, even without performance upgrades.
  9. I knew I wanted one of these from the moment I saw it. It didn't disappoint!
  10. First impressions are excellent! Some things will take some getting used to but other than that, nothing bad to report.
  11. I've been reading through the post release a bit (although very carefully since I don't get the game until tomorrow afternoon), and was just wondering how soon you're able to buy cars? My plan was to, as soon as I could, buy a car and explore so I'm just curious.
  12. I'm going to do up a Dubsta with a bush bar, lights and maybe off-road tyres if they have them. Not lifting it though since that's not my style. Might do the same with a Rebel. EHIT: Holy shit the forum's been acting up lately. It posted that six times.