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  1. Does it look like Trevor's Bhodi has custom rims in the pic to anyone else. An old Defender isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I think of customization but, yes. Yes it does.
  2. Yes I am aware of the NSA's recent fuckery. But you can unplug it when you're not using it since the console no longer checks in every 24 hours. What I said about the price still stands. The PS4 is $400 without the PS Eye and the XB1 would be about the same price without Kinect. You're paying for extra hardware. I'm going to play SimCity now and will leave this thread alone (forever) since you all turn into whiny children as soon as the word "console" is mentioned.
  3. I'm just saying, whether you want it or not, the console isn't any cheaper; you're paying for what you get. And on the topic of the government spying on you (really guys?), now that always-on isn't a thing anymore, there's nothing stopping you from just unplugging the Kinect when you're not playing so, even if the government wanted to watch you have sex on your couch, you can turn it off.
  4. You guys do realize that the PS Eye or whatever it's called isn't included and is an extra $60 right? That means, for the same gadgetry, the PS4 is only $40 cheaper, not $100.
  5. I just wanted to put a flipped and rotated photo to match up with what you're saying.
  6. Made this quickly in paint and, if we look at the rolls, we can see that they can't be accurate. If they are, that means the city would be at the very top of the map.
  7. Okay so don't call me a fanboy for owning one system then. Like I said, I like the PS3 and used to own a PS2.
  8. So because I couldn't afford both systems, I'm automatically a fanboy? Seems legit. I also can't help but notice you only have a PSN Name...
  9. I refuse to be part of a console war so this will be my last contribution to this conversation. 1: I'm not a fanboy by any means for any console. In fact I've never owned console made by the same company twice and I've said numerous times that the PlayStation (all of them including the 4) is a great system. 2. The X-Box came out a full year before BluRay was invented so that part of your (BlackSox9's) argument was irrelevent. And 3. If anyone's spouting ignorant fanboy bullshit, it's you. I actually really like the PS3. My dad has one and I like it's "vibe" better than the 360, if that makes sense.
  10. You make a good point but no, I probably won't use a lot of the new features. God I'm such a fucking hypocrite.
  11. Yay thing are calm again here! is still a gong show. But you know what? I think I've changed my mind after my last post. Thanks to this post on by Outlier, I no longer think the PS4 is better. I still think it's a great system but now I think the X1 is my definite choice regardless of Forza. That is why I will be buying the Xbox One.
  12. So because he said we should wait for more info before judging either systems, you start bashing both him and thr xbox out of pure btand loyalty and fanboyishness. So he has an xbox? Thats what he chose.
  13. I agree. Both systems look great IMO but I have to give the upper hand to Sony at this point simply because they're focusing more on gaming. Like I said, I'm only getting the X1 for Forza, since I can't live without that game but I also think MS will put the focus on gaming for E3.
  14. I thought I would come here for some sanity but unfortunately that wasn't the case Anyway I'm 100% for sure getting the X1. Yes it has a silly name but I think it looks really good and MODERN. Yeah you can say it's similar in shape to a VCR but what electronic device these days doesn't have sharp edges, clean, simplistic lines, and shiny black plastic? My mobile phone, TV, computer, laptop, DVD player, PVR, you name it. Heck, even my fan, alarm clock, and my mum's fucking minivan are 99% square, black plastic. Looks aside, why is everyone complaining about it having all of these multimedia features? If you don't want to use them, don't. I'll use the example I used on another site; I never listen to that radio when I'm in the car. Does that mean I'm going to only buy a car that has no radio? No. That car was designed so that anyone can buy it. Some people will use the radio, some won't. Some people will Skype and watch TV, some won't. Do you honestly think Microsoft would have any success with the X1 if it did nothing but game? Hell no! That would be the stupidest (whether or not that was a word beforehand, it is now) business decision ever. Their customer pool would be more than halved. It's modernization. Game consoles, like anything else, need to keep with the times to stay relevant. The "times" right now are social media, networking, and communication. I, like most of the people on this site, am into core gaming and not Facebook and shit but the majority of people are. It's pretty much common sense that a company that doesn't cater to the majority will not be successful. Most people who will buy the X1 will be sold by things like voice control, facial recognition, and Kinect. That is where Microsoft's money comes from, not core gaming. That's why gaming was not thoroughly covered in the release, not because gaming has taken the back burner or will be worse than before. Trust me, the gaming part of the X1 will be very well covered at E3 in a few weeks. Now we come to the always on Kinect camera and everyone's privacy concerns with it. I see where you're coming from here. I can see why someone wouldn't want to be filmed 24/7 whether someone's watching or not. That being said, There are very simple measures you can take to avoid this if it bugs you that much. As soon as you're done playing, just chuck a t-shirt over the lens, turn it around, whatever, then put it back when you want to play. It's not an issue when you're playing since, BY LAW, Microsoft has to have settings to turn the mic and camera off to protect your privacy. I think it would be pretty obvious if Microsoft broke the law. Well there's my rant. I know how much I just sounded like a Microsoft spokesperson but I'm honestly not trying to change your opinion on what to buy. I'm buying an X1 solely because Forza is the only exclusive game I play. If not for Forza, I would probably end up with a PS4 and GT7. I'm just tired (and somewhat amused) at how everyone is bashing the Xbox because it does more than game. PS: Someone mentioned in the first few pages about how they only showed pre-rendered trailers for the games. Turn10 themselved confirmed that the FM5 teaser was entirely in-game footage. Don't know about CoD since, quite frankly, I don't give a fuck.
  15. Tuesday. I definitely hope it doesn't need an always-on internet connection. It wouldn't be a deal-breaker for me since my connection is pretty good but it would suck that odd time the power is out or whatever. And yes I will be getting the X-Box since every game I play is multi-console except for Forza.
  16. This would be fun
  17. To make the world a sadder place, I must ask (because I don't know) what is double clutching? Way too difficult to explain so I found a demo: It's mainly used for shifting on very old cars but it's very useful for downshifting multiple gears at once (5th to 3rd, 4th to 2nd, etc.) on newer cars to avoid wearing out the gearbox, though heal-toeing is probably better in that circumstance.
  18. Like I said I don't even have my license yet but just yesterday I taught my mum what double clutching was. It's a sad world we live in.
  19. Up until a little while ago I had a crappy 10 year old Citizen tube TV but just upgraded to a 32" Haier LCD with 720p. Much better for everything.