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  1. ^This. Anyone think that might be Franklin's house on the left with the "BEWARE OF DOG" sign?
  2. The Comet has a license plate now. That will make my OCD happy
  3. The Benz will be nine trillion times better.
  4. Source?!?! I'm stunned by this revelation!
  5. The 1st gen Ford Festiva is fairly common here in BC. I've heard they're reliable and drive well.
  6. I would guess he thought it was real and posted it without realizing it was made here.
  7. Yes, we can run around in a yeti suit sexually harassing old ladies.
  8. I've been to that bridge. There's a reason it was the highest it the world when it was new.
  9. I know how old this post is but I just wanted to say I spent 9 and a half hours looking at that.
  10. I know what he said and my corny joke still stands.
  11. How have you managed to post here 118 times without ever seeing the forums?
  12. Somebody hand this guy^^ a tampon... And roll cages as a option! Hopefully this will mean cars without have the capability of the roof caving in!? And a driving lesson.
  13. Three characters, three safehouses. Maybe the white one belongs to the protag you're playing as?
  14. That has been posted thoroughly It is exciting though isn't it? More customization options than any other game I've played.
  15. I didn't think that they would include mods as subtle as that. You can see that the green car has a black strip along the bottom of the bumper but the blue car doesn't.
  16. I'm sure people sink cargo ships on purpose all the time.
  17. Your right, or stage right? I guess the Ford Taurus discussion revolves around - for ease of orientation - the right side of the picture... Yes, I meant our right.
  18. One thing I'm wondering about the impound thing is, what happens if you say, park you car at the airport and fly off in a plane?
  19. Do I see a Ford Taurus to the right of the Cheetah? Look at the shape of the grille and how there's a second grille behind the license plate with dog laps fog lamps on either side. EDIT: Dog laps? WTF
  20. It looks like that old truck from the first trailer might be drivable. This is a Baja Buggy and what looks like some sort of unusual off-road vehicle. Anyone know what it could be? EDIT: The buggy was already confirmed.
  21. It looks like Arcade driving. Doesnt have the "feel" of previous GTA's All GTA's before GTA IV had arcadey driving. All I see in the trailer is GTA IV's handling with better suspension. And they are still using the same engine as GTA IV so it can't be that different. You also have to remember that, in both of the scenes that are being questioned, they're driving high-end sports cars. Those moves couldn't be pulled off in GTA IV because of the unrealistically soft suspension, but could be pulled off in real life (not taking into account that fact that the driver couldn't have reacted fast enough).
  22. What's wrong with the driving? The cars in GTA IV were very soft and floaty. To me, the handling in the trailer looks like thay just made the suspension stiffer and more realistic. Overall, it looks amazing! Especially the customization