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  1. I've driven around in big rigs in story mode, but everywhere I looked the other day after jacking a truck, every semi trailer is pin-locked, you can't hook up to them. Maybe this is a new thing since 1.09 I don't know why R* would block the use of the semi-trailers online. I'm a real life "retired" truck driver and find it fun to rip around in the semi's on GTAV. You have to jack the Semi's that have the trailer on the truck, there are some trailers around the map however that you can hook up.
  2. I actually find this entire ordeal hilarious, I have 14 billion dollars LMAO from all the lobbies I've gotten into. Even if I do get banned, I don't really care lol.
  3. I'm not sure if there's any other topic to put this in, but I'll put it here. I was a level 14 and was doing a mission for about 5 hours. I accumulated about $100,000 dollars and got to rank 16 from a rank 14. My internet got shut down unexpectedly however and when I tried to log back on, I was at level 14 AGAIN right before I was about to start the mission. Does anybody know a fix to this crap... I didn't even keep my money either.
  4. So far I only got it from the Dinghy and the Submarine. That's what I figured, hmm I guess I'll have to look around more, do you know if you can get the Cargo plane? Not the titan but the other one.
  5. Anyone know how to get Scuba gear off of boats?? I thought you could get it off any boat, well that's at least what I read from the articles from Gameinformer and such.
  6. ^ What GunSmith said. Why is there no crouch button?? I also wanted to point out something that really pissed me off, in Red Dead you can change your shoulder firing view to look left or right when shooting, but you can't do that in this. I think it's practically lame IMO.
  7. i could see the UFO parts as collectibles, as well as the waste management trophy... remember this part of the website?? it's probably another collectible... That's actually really cool, maybe the water is toxic like how it is in Half-Life LOL
  8. Why? There is a reason that they are secret. The reward is a spacesuit and the ability to fly it like you said, then turn on weazel news and see local residents get interviewed and they talk about seeing aliens and ufo's Lmao haha that'd be great actually
  9. I think the spaceship thing may actually be the hidden packages, similar to the pigeons in GTA IV. Maybe you could even fly it when you collect all of them too LOL
  10. I haven't seen any posts about the secret achievements posted anywhere yet, I'd read with caution if I were you.
  11. I was linked to the secret achievements, i didn't know it at the time and backed out immediately, I glanced at a couple of them though ffs..