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  1. I'm just curious. Do you prefer automatic gearboxes or manual ones and why? I don't get my license until September but, like anyone, I've had some back road practice in both and don't think I'll drive auto again (unless it isn't my car). On a side note, I think it would be sweet if GTA V had a manual gearbox option.
  2. No we're not. Count how many screens and caps there are with a sanchez. Ok? 13 out of 388. Doesn't look like half the game to me. You shouldn't take things so seriously. who said I was being serious? Fixed
  3. well I guess they didn't drop the LAPD original cruiser design looks like they have both That's good. I think I like this one better
  4. I always liked having tuners for classic cars like that Savanna in GTA SA because they always a a shit tonne of available mods like bumpers and roofs and stuff. Looks like this will be just as extensive in V and on more cars
  5. Yeah I don't think there will be any invisible walls, especially since we have planes and helicopters that would really make said wall obvious. They will just be too steep to climb on foot. Mt. Chilliad was too steep to climb too.
  6. Fuck, I don't even know. I know nothing about cars, I'm just going by the filename. " http://www.hassinen....2dr%20Sedan.jpg " I don't know what it is either lol. I did a Google search-by-image. EDIT: 1963 Rambler Ambassador 990. What do you know we were both right
  7. The way GI worded it "The camera switched to Trever's first person point of view behind the wheel of the tow truck." then without saying the camera goes somewhere else they say "The play tester hits the gas bla bla bla..." implying that the play tester was in full control of the truck while in first person mode. And, to be honest, why would they create interiors that are detailed enough to be featured in cutscenes, but not give a cockpit view?
  8. In the same article that said V was 3.5x the size of RDR, didn't it also say that the landmass was 42mi^2 and the full map including underwater areas was about 60mi^2? 1 sec going to go find that quote. EDIT: Never mind I was wrong. I must have read that in a response to that article.
  9. Googlefluff

    The Sims

    YES! I'm actually excited about this.
  10. Two cars I for sure want to see: 1. Savanna from GTA SA. I have a white hardtop with a red interior. Love that car. 2. Vulcar Ingot or any boxy estate car, preferably Volkswagen. I have a green one in GTA IV that I drive everywhere. What do you know this could be one: EDIT: Yay it's definitely in:
  11. This needs to be mine Too bad I have no money
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    Sleeping Dogs

    The game is pretty fun but, like has been said, has a lot of things that could be improved. My biggest issue was that the free roam felt very limited in that you weren't able to go to a lot of the places that you could see. You were confined strictly to the roads and sidewalks. And there was no way to be smooth while driving, as though you were using a keyboard.
  13. There were those BS rumours going around a few months ago and, while the rumours were truly BS, I wouldn't put past Rockstar to have something like that. But of course this could be an Audi or 5-series while the Sentinel stays as an M3 like we saw in trailer 1.
  14. SITH THE LIGHTNING!!!!! Couldn't help myself
  15. The old one was just too outdated to work in GTA 5. They could get away with it (just) in 2008 LC but 2013 LS is a stretch.
  16. Agreed. The fires in GTA IV were a bit wonky but this looks sweet! And like I said in the New Screens thread, it does look like this is the new Vapid Cruiser rather than a separate style.