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  1. I just found 2 Voltics at the Suburban clothes store and Ammu-Nation in Chumash. Don't know if it keeps respawning there though, driving to Michael's garage at the moment.
  2. God damn it, I'm still not able to play.
  3. Shadow because I like the name. PF stands for perfectionist. 1 because, I don't even fucking know to be honest.
  4. All I'm hoping for is a good old school hip hop station. Although a newer station with more underground rappers like R.A The Rugged Man, Revolution Of The Mind and Ill Bill would be nice too.
  5. Nothing like a good old cringe finding old forum posts.

  6. I agree on the clothing, GTA IV lacked that. The weight and muscle thing however, I could do without. Tattoos sound nice.
  7. Wassup people i'm looking for peeps to play RDR with.If anyone is interested just add me on PSN pfshadow1 is the name
  8. PFShadow1

    Skate 3

    Love the Skate series! Still play it everyday but can't find anything but little kids on easy mode always trying to change the area to either the superultramega park or the stadium --' PS: i do skate in real life
  9. Used to mod on PC but only kept it with spawning cars and all that shit.
  10. Something like bigfoot would be cool.They should make his appearance a rare sight though.Put him in the bigger forests and make him teleport between them.
  11. No speeding tickets or penalties for driving through red lights and all that. The cops would be on your ass 24/7 because come on who actually drives legally in GTA?
  12. Sup' people?

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      Nigga i ain't no nigga nigga

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      I have no fucking clue marney. I thought I'd respond anyhow.

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      I have a large cockl

  13. More force? i think that is pretty much impossible but yeah tazers and riot teams would be pretty epic
  14. Hmph bored......... Anyone know what to do? :)

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      Already did still bored :(

  15. Hmph bored......... Anyone know what to do? :)

  16. Nope played PS3 for a long time but never saw mods
  17. It was in uppercase when i copied it....weird
  18. Okay let's get straight to the point.(see what i did there?)Reading the other Signature thread i gathered the knowledge i have to get the IMG code on Photobucket and paste it in the url bar when u click images.This however failed to work as you can see below my posts it just shows the url but no picture.Can someone clarify what i did wrong? Is the picture too big? Thanks in advance
  19. Yeah, it's annoying as fuck! And like you said: The PC ones are good. I only have San Andreas on PC and the MODs are amazing. The Xbox are plain annoying and fuck everything up. I was playing TBoGT online about 2 weeks ago and there was this modder who like, set everyone on fire...IT WAS SO FUCKING ANNOYING!! I know the feeling bro.I've had multiple modders with rapid fire rpg,Godmode,Explosive Bullets and someone (don't ask me how) even had a fucking NUKE! Yeah i think it's coming back.It was quite a succes in GTA IV
  20. I really like the ideas on most of this thread(too lazy to read all of it) We should be able to get rid of our wanted items(like clothing) but also (if we have it) we should have to ditch our customised weapons/cars.That way you should spent more money on getting them back ( kinda solves the useless money people are focused on).Because after a while your let's call it ''heat'' cools off (see what i did there?) and cops/people should not identify them anymore.The reason why i mentioned people is they should progam their A.I to recognise the player,kinda like a fear/respect system,and as the story progresses people should fear you more.To the point they do small things for you like they give their car to you instead of you having to jack it ( wishful thinking lol).I also really like the idea u should do time in jail (not sure if i saw it on this thread) And in there you have two choices.1: you could be able to build this little imperium(like people providing things for you like shanks/shivs) To earn money to buy yourself out you should have to do assassations inside the jail.2: just go to sleep to do your time like in Skyrim.Because it could get annoying doing that stuff over and over while you wanna progress in the story. Now with that said i'm gonna get a beer and enjoy some SA
  21. Some mods are cool though,but if u start to mod rpg to rapid fire,then yeah it's pretty annoying.