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  1. Didn't want to start a new topic just for this and this seemed like the most relevant place to put it. Link is for a 6 minute time lapse video of San Andreas in all it's living breathing beauty!
  2. Guess there some bugs still happening with saved cars then. Apart from this mine has been running smoothly.... Oh well back to LS Customs to burn another hard earned 50k
  3. My car got wrecked so I rang the insurance company, they delivered my car back to my garage but all the mods had gone?! Anyone else had this?
  4. Anyone got a place for me in there crew...? Searched on social club but nobodies excepting my requests Edit: I'm on PS3
  5. Start menu > online > people. You have to mute individual people though couldn't see a mute all option
  6. For 360 yes. Go to their gamercard and mute them from that. I'm sure theres some global mute option somewhere. Thanks I'm on PS3 but I've figured it out. Does anyone know what's the sketch with banking money? How's it done? Can't see any ATM's
  7. I'm on!! Is there any way to mute other players?
  8. Frustrating as hell this. Had to make a character about 12 times.... Giving up. Loading online... Create character... Online session timed out... Loading story mode... Select online mode... Crash. Repeat until insane!
  9. PSN: Big_WiLLy_Dee Also looking for a crew to join...
  10. Like everybody else here I've been counting the days for this game to come out and we've all known how truly awesome it's going to be for some time. But.... for some reason these final screens (especially this one) has made it really hit home, this is going to be one truly epic game and its going to be beyond all expectations!
  11. I thought that was pretty cool. Had to be cut quick to suit the remix. Not something to be used for an 'official trailer' but enjoyed it
  12. You were hoping for songs in the game??!! That'd be close to hours worth of music! Yes, that is a bit optimistic... Okay, so Rockstar has officially stated in interviews that there are over 240 radio tracks in the game, and we know that doesn't include talk radio. That's nearly a hundred more than San Andreas, and let's not forget the 20 hours of ambient score we'll be treated to outside our vehicles... Also, for a nice little comparison to Saints Row: Two Saints Row titles have been developed in the time that it's taken V to be completed, and if you add both SR3 and SR4's soundtracks together, you almost get as many tracks as GTA V... (247 to be exact) Well when you put it like that....
  13. I'm not sure if this article has been mentioned before (or its content) http://www.vg247.com/2013/08/29/gta-5-soundtrack-holds-240-songs-radio-stations-get-audio-previews/ but I'm slightly disappointed at the total number of songs across the radio stations. I was hoping for triple that.... Was I being overly optimistic? I just feel for the amount of hours I will put it into this game it needed to be a lot more? Note: the link contains spoilers so if you don't want to know... Don't click it!