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  1. Iv'e bought cars due to the sheer fucking boredom of having all that money and nothing to do with it
  2. okay, enough lil' wayne talk, why don't we get back on topic?
  3. Iv'e already seen one for PSN gamers. i dunno, we'd make videos and stuff Ideas? Names?
  4. added some more wanted celebrities to the list
  5. okay, i'll take Ned Luke off the list, i didn't know he was not famous, since they made a big deal with the whole OMG IT'S NED LUKE IN GTAV!!!!11!!1ONE!!!, i kinda assumed he was a celebrity.
  6. I want more stuff to spend on. it sucks having all that cash and nothing to spend it on.
  7. Well, we all know that Rockstar has a history of hiring famous celebrities to do voice acting in GTA games, such as Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Busey, Ice-T, Kyle McLachlan, Ricky Gervais, Burt Renolds, Phil Collins, Jenna Jameson, Axl Rose, Ray Liotta, Jason Sudeikis, Danny Trejo, just to name a few. Well, what about GTAV? Will it have famous voice actors? The answer: probably. We already have Ned Luke confirmed. So iv'e created this thread to keep track of stars in GTAV!!! CONFIRMED: Stars that will surely be in GTAV POSSIBLE: Stars that are rumored to lend their voice for the next installment. WILL NOT APPEAR: Stars that used to be in the "Possible" category, but will not appear WANTED: Stars that we want to see (i know this category is useless, but it's just for fun ) See post #12 for shadynasty's big list Richard Pryor Ozzy Osborne Vin Diesel Terry Crews Detroit MC Danny Brown Charlie Sheen Eminem Lil' Wane Snoop Dogg The Game Dr Dre Pamela Anderson Nicholas Cage See post #57 for Qdeathstar's even bigger list Well, i'll keep the thread updated, but i need you guys to help me out, if you see a rumored or confirmed star, post it here!! (make sure to add your sources)
  8. I know i could just get it on steam, but i really want to get the boxed copy cause they give you goodies like they did with GTAIV's map to the city and city guide But the only retailers pre ordering boxed copies i have found are in europe.... please help me.