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Found 1 result

  1. Ever had a serious injury that required medical attention? Share your story about how it happened. Funny/crazy stories appreciated. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As for myself, I've gotten pretty lucky throughout my life and and only broke/sprained a few bones. I've fallen out of trees as a kid and walked away with only a few cuts and bruises, but I some how started fucking myself up doing everyday things once I got alittle older. Unfortunatly all of them were a result of intoxication.. My first was pretty stupid... It was a hot summer day in the late afternoon and I hadn't eaten or drank anything since the night before. I was 15 and blazed through an 1/8th in a bong circle with some friends in my buddys basement. I was stupid high, plus dehydrated and all that, and was feeling alittle weird. After going up the stairs and standing in my friends kitchen for a bit my vision just went black and I got all dizzy feeling like the room was spinning and fell into a chair and sprained my ankle. lol. Going to the ER for that one was interesting.. The second I was 20 and drunk and punched this metal fuse box on a telephone pole and shattered my middle knuckle. I knew there really wasn't anything a doctor could do for that so I just was careful with it and pushed the knuckle back together with my fingers as it healed. And finally, one that I'm suffering with today, I was black out drunk a few weeks ago and woke up with a boxers fracture (5th metacarpal snapped by the knuckle) and all my knuckles were bruised. The swellings pretty much gone now but my pinky knuckle has retreated into my hand and theres a bone sticking up on the top of my hand. Still don't know what/who I hit but obviously one of the hits was shitty because I connected with the outside 2 knuckles (a big no no) with a decent amount of force resulting in the broken metacarpal. Didn't go to the doctor for this one, although I buddy taped my pinky to my ring finger for the first week to isolate the movement... Just hoping for the best. And now I may have a scar on my forehead since a peice of glass connected with it after someone bashed in a window i was sitting under with a baseball bat. I'll have to see how that turns out lol.