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  1. It shouldn't rain in the summer..

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    2. Massacre
    3. ViceMan


      Yeah one of the obscure states will do.

    4. jobo


      I hate weather in the Midwest I would like about 70 degrees year round

  2. selpy

    Uncharted Series

    Ah, Crushing was so good. I didn't finish my crushing playthrough though because I had to return it to gamefly since it was just a trial. Did beat it on the second hardest.
  3. selpy

    Uncharted Series

    Wow, I had no idea it was as long as a platform Uncharted! That's a sweet deal.
  4. I just dusted it off and popped it back in a few hours ago and started a new game. Already having fun lol. Plus, it has TLATD & BOGT to sweeten the deal!
  5. selpy

    WiFi Hotspot

    Come to think of it, I cant remember the last time I saw an actual payphone anywhere o_O Im sure theyre still around, but I dont think theres many left
  6. selpy

    Uncharted Series

    It looked fun from what I saw. After playing through all 3 I would love to catch up on that chapter as well, just dont have (nor expect to buy) a Vita :/
  7. selpy

    Uncharted Series

    ^^so you just tap the screen to make him move, or is it motion calibration controlled? or...? i saw the demo at target but didnt take a look since little kids cough their fucking diseases all over video game demo systems.
  8. Toss up between Vice City & GTA4. Vice City is just so, boss. So much good pop-culture references, allusions to mobster & mafia movies like Goodfellas and Scarface, Ray Liotta himself owning it as Tommy, a great cinematic commercial set to "I Ran" by Flock of Seagulls (which I still think of every single time I hear that song), Lovefist, and just so much Win. And, it has an *awesome* soundtrack and fucking hilarious radio spots/content (sissy spritz, anyone?) (but I am biased since I have a huge connection with 80s pop culture). The story line is tightly written, the environments and NPCs are great, and overall its just so spot on to the 80s. Niko's story in 4, however, is...whoa. THAT storyline, in my opinion, was way better than most of the other games. The voice acting for him, like Tommy, is superb, and you can actually care about and relate to the character, the fucked up situations he's in, and his moral standing. Plus, who doesn't love a shitfaced Niko screaming "TAXI!" then falling down like a goddamned rag doll while a jamaican man speaks shit you really cant fucking understand? Rockstar delivered well with GTA4, and after writing as good a script as Rockstar San Diego came up with for Red Dead Redemption, I have high hopes for GTA V blowing them all away as it takes us back to Los Santos.
  9. Wow, I just realized I havent played a GTA game on my puter since Vice City... and that was like years after I'd played it on the playstation. Oh, that Tommy, chasing bitches with a chainsaw... good times. Good homicidal times. Also: also playstation3.
  10. Cinco de Drinko?!!! Aw, not for me :( gotta pay the bills

  11. WHERE?!! On a *related* sidenote: building your own does have that horrible contingency of fundage... it sucks to have to wait to add hardware paycheck to paycheck, but at least youll be happy with your finished product.
  12. lmao, i wouldnt have typed it if i was still doing it. my answer woulda been "meh".
  13. Yea, *that* looks much better on "my sites".
  14. Its simple, it's clean, but importantly, its definitely YOU, Simon. That content has you written all over it, a great thing, because you're putting this together to show off yourself, and that includes your attitude as well as your developer talents. Branding yourself quite nicely. I like that its all one page, streamlined, nice. I like that your top tabs link to the subsequent area of the page, and I know that you can just scroll back up to the top, but is there anyway to incorporate some sort of a "back" functionality? I have no clue if there is I'm just putting that out there, I've never been good at building sites. Anyway to justify alignment of the "my sites" content table so the dates dont look so bunched up? (Being picky.) Last quick thing, orange text for "simon elliot // web developer" on woodgrain bg seems a little blurry because of the color similarity but might just be me or my display? *EDIT: I see you have mentioned the logo before, sorry for rehashing it.
  15. selpy

    The Titanic

    Mine too in San Diego, CA. Sounded really cool but didn't have the fundage to go. On the actual date of the 100th anniversary, San Diego had a few things going on that sounded interesting: The US Grant Hotel held a Titanic tea, complete with a violinist. UltraStar Cinemas played film of the ship wreckage from a private collection in its Mission Valley lobby. The Prado restaurant in Balboa Park hosted a 10-course meal that replicated the first-class menu served on board the night Titanic went down, for only $212 per person. (It sold out!) And the San Diego Natural History Museum has that linked exhibit of 200 Titanic artifacts, and had drawn almost 70,000 visitors between Feb and April (it's still open). On the evening of the anniversary, they stayed open late until 2:20 a.m., the exact minute of the sinking.