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  1. Yep I should be able to make it for the first and last time in awhile. I'll be away travelling for the next 3 months but at the end of it I'll be living in London so I should be able to join more regularly.
  2. My favourite photo of my brother and I (I'm the non-ginger one). We're in the front row of a Foo Fighters concert in Auckland in 2011. Photo is from the NZ Herald.
  3. Yes collision-less races! Now 16 player races on tight tracks will work fine. Hopefully they'll allow 16 in air races now as well
  4. Quad Bike Chaos was originally just a way to test out an idea but after playing a few of Otiz's races I think I've found a way to actually make it enjoyable. Everything is now much closer together and hopefully it should play out as a truly chaotic GTA race that's difficult to build a lead in. Quad Bike Chaos Either gun it to the finish line or demolish your rivals, anything goes in this short GTA race. The 'Figure of 8' track with numerous close encounters, explosives and natural obstacles provides plenty opportunity to take out the opponents ahead of you. I think I'm gonna try improve my other two races as well. Reservoir Dash ( was my attempt to copy Rockstar's formula for races. It's around an area of the map that I think has great potential for a track but mine didn't end up anywhere near as innovative as the amazing ones that were coming out around the same time. Bifta Beatdown ( I like a lot more though but I haven't had the opportunity to play it with anybody yet to get some feedback. I'm probably not gonna be able to play the crew night again until Easter but I'll bring it up again then.
  5. I've been wanting to try a team GTA race for awhile but not sure how well it'll go. I imagine that each team will split up into people trying to win the race and people trying to blow up the opposition but it probably won't go that smoothly. Quad Bike Chaos TEAM GTA RACE: Either gun it to the finish line or demolish your rivals. Just make sure one of your teammates ends up on top. Basic 'Figure of 8' track with plenty explosives in the middle.
  6. The lighting there was awesome for the shot, it's a shame the darts trigger was there though. My votes for #3 Otiz/Dup. Haha yeah that was incredibly well done. I've never seen everybody so focused. Funniest part for me was when I got kicked from the session only to come back and hearing everybody yelling at my old NPC for ruining a shot lol (wasn't funny at the time, I know...)
  7. Long weekend for me so I'm free all of Friday, Saturday and Sunday (US time)
  8. My second character is black if you still need somebody for Bernie Mac. Otherwise I can be one of the photographers
  9. Nope, there's a young black guy typing on an invisible keyboard in mine
  10. Social Club won't load for me but none of my pics were anywhere near as good as these. It's a shame it wasn't showing me on the roof of the plane in bones' shots though.