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  1. Yeah, I was pretty bummed about that news until I heard about their new project, Alkaloid. It has Hannes, Christian, and Linus of Obscura and Danny Tunker along with a dude I haven't heard of. The way I see it, it's like we have two Obscuras now. Steffen has always been the only consistent member of Obscura do he'll keep the vision going. I'm looking forward to seeing what these creative bastards have in store.
  2. Places I'm now considering visiting if the opportunity presets itself: Netherlands (countryside, but possibly Amsterdam), Belgium, Hungary(Budapest), Austria.
  3. Went to aces and ales with some buddies last night.. After several strong beers and a huge bowl of dank, I proceeded to eat a quarter of my friends bacon cheddar fries, half of my other friends burger stuffed with cheese, bacon, chorizo and onion, and an entire breakfast pizza that I ordered. (2 sunny side up eggs, white sauce, pecorino-Romano, scallions, onions and black pepper) My farts have never been this raunchy. Tonight I ate this: bone-in veal parm. Soooo good. Happy bday to me
  4. I am going to none of those places, except Rome. Oh yeah, I haven't given any updates. Well it turns out most of France requires reservations on their trains that both cost money and must be made a week in advance. Since the general theme of this trip is spontenaety, that pretty much rules out France for me. Shame, I was really eager to see the Louvre. Another time. I've decided to replace France with an adventure through Switzerland.
  5. I just watched some fat bitch at the liquor store with a baby on a chest harness bend over to grab a quarter and crushing her baby between her fat rolls by doing so, resulting in 10 minutes of crying. 8/10 4 stars
  6. What can I say, I'm pretty fucking cool.
  7. FUCK YEAH. Opeth announced a European tour today and it is at the same time as my trip. Gonna hit the one in Milan, Italy and maybe a Germany or Switzerland show!
  8. Cat's Cradle. Vonnegut. Fuck it, I know I'm late. Still enjoying it.
  9. Didn't know they released a track. I think the album artwork is pretty good. I finally listened to Heritage a couple months ago and haven't thought at all to play it again so maybe that says something lol. It was great, but not very memorable.
  10. You got it. I'm off at like 7 or 8 my time tomorrow. Hope you all are still on.
  11. Maybe if won't get as stupidly high as I have the past few times so I can actually complete a fucking race.
  12. I'm too lazy to review so I'm going to use two words for East Bound and Down (S.1) Fucking Awesomelarious