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  1. The IT guy tasked with secretly deleting Hillary's emails asked reddit how to do so using an account name linked to his real name... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH



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    2. Bronson


      Fucking Brian....

    3. DuPz0r


      Anything to get Trump in power. I'm looking forward to world war three, maybe we'll have an apocalypse to live through. 

    4. Brian


      Hillary's the one who hates Iran and Russia enough to probably start a new cold war, alongside giving Iran the cash it needs to build a successful nuclear weapon. Nothing against the Iranian people, but they have a crazy theocratic government surrounded by powerful or unstable Sunni Muslim nations. The Iranian government hates us too. 


      Trump won't start another world war. He'll secure our borders and increase national security. I'm fine with this. He'll probably take on a moderately performing economy and hopefully keep it bullish.


      At the end of the day, Trump over Hillary.