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  1. I'm going to see what type of stuff we can do then head to the multiplayer.... thats going to be nucking futs
  2. Well in GTA IV i was disappointed with the sound of the Dukes ( 69 charger rt) and the other cars but i will say that if you played Saints Row 3 the fucking transmission was always shifting even when your at top speed. I hope that the engine noise will be more in tune with the type of vehicle.
  3. If the writer of the bullshit article wants to have an unknown past feature of the game just go play skyrim. Even reading the title i was very tempted to just close the link. Stupid ass must only like Niko.
  4. i smoke the odd one here and there but i dont see any problems with it. For me it might be different to you but i get active in my high mood like for running you feel like your lungs might be dying after a good run. i improved my endurance for jogging and running.
  5. This is my old Gamertag from xbox and i changed it since then.
  6. The car damage needs to be redone to the whole car. The trunk doors never came off, only when the car blows up. I think we should have the ability to have full control of the car features like opening the hood/trunk and being able to place stuff in there. Going off a high jump from the highest point in the game and landing on the wheels without the wheels going through the wheel well or the shocks completely bursts. That would be awesome to see.
  7. I like the idea of the concerts and the little mini games and such, but i think there should be a choice in the concerts. If you like rap you go to the rap concert. Then if you like metal you throwdown at the concerts. Crank it up!!
  8. The most that I'm looking for is detail as in: The side streets and like comical fck ups, like a car smashes into another car then crashes into a fire hydrant and a big ol dirty fist fight breaks out.
  9. I really dont see why we cant smoke a j or smoke a bowl. Well maybe for little kids asking their parents to buy the game for them, but that's not Rockstars* fault GTA is mean't for a mature audience not little kids. IMO
  10. It would be kind of neat to see if the protagonist can do drugs such as Marijuana. lol i think it would be funny.
  11. alright like what whitechapel, canifex, silent decent, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Attila,
  12. I miss the ability to be able to customize the character and mess around with the world, plus the most thing i would love to see is a time period that it would snow and would snow throughout the game but only for a while. Come on Snowmobiles, an ice factor, making a snow ball and throwing it a other people, even like a side mission for using a snow blower to clear a route. I would find that very cool and awesome. Then a place to make our vehicle more powerful and stylish (*doubt the Snow part*)
  13. I think for the next Music we should have: 1 Deathcore/Grindcore/Metal station 1 Dubstep (none of the stupid radio edited crap) 2 Talk shows 1 reggae 1 Rap 1 Classic Rock last but not least 1 Hip/Hop Pop Then you could create a music station of your favorite songs.