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  1. Great victory from Trump tonight. Cruz is out.

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    2. Ginginho


      So much to say, so little room... as long as whoever is elected rips up the TPPA... I hope it ends up Sanders v Trump...

    3. Brian


      i have begun supporting Trump simply because I feel Clinton and the DNC will corruptly screw Bernie out of the nomination. If it's Bernie v. Trump I will not be 100% certain. I hate Trump's stance on climate and energy but that's about it. He's right about illegals (who cost us $113b a year), Muslims (where we won't let non-citizens in, it's been done before), and I'm not looking forward to getting taxed out the ass. Long Island taxes are through the roof and...

    4. Brian


      things still aren't right here.

      Reagan was an actor, what made him qualified?

      And liberals and political correctness are literally cancer and it's destroying this country and generation.