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  1. The swimming ability/moves and lung capacity are a major improvement from GTASA. Just the act of swimming underwater and maxing your skill is so awesome. I waste a lot of time on things like this, so cool and maybe valuable in some mission, or otherwise. [sunken treasure perhaps]
  2. LCS was Tony, who we knew. He made sense. He did well, his missions went well. No issues that I remember, on either port of the game. VCS was Vic, who we met, and we liked. His missions eventually worked themselves out. There were bugs there that VC didn't have, but again they worked themselves out if you took all the properties in time. If you didn't, there could have been issues with your game play. I think I remember that Psy had a bug list for both, after the port. I am learning to like Franklin as a modern day CJ, but not so keen on Michael yet. Still just digesting the storyline. Don't like the missions but everything else seems ok. You're from Connecticut so that post makes sense to you.
  3. Best show ever. "Liked" your post, and cannot read any more of the thread as it may contain spoilers. That's how addicted I've become. Still in Season 5 early stage. Love it.
  4. ┬žan Andreas had a very decent story line. As did GTA III and VC, also as LCS and VCS. I have yet to figure out how Michael fits in to the GTA universe. I like Franklin, he is pretty cool. All his stats are now maxed out and I have yet seen him to be unreasonable in activity.
  5. Wow. Never played a GTA Game before? Amazing. Welcome to the group new guy. You're seriously telling me that the missions in GTA IV were better then these? Nigga please! GTA IV??? Please. That was the start of the end of GTA missions being cool. Son, you seriously need to play the older games, to appreciate anything. OMG. Whitey, please.
  6. Father/Son for starters. Total joke. Michael against aliens. Joke. The one where Franklin takes Lamar and the OG to the drug deal. Easy mission basically. Oh yeah, except they suck at everything, shooting, running, getting into the vehicle. Franklin should do that entire mission himself. No problemo. AK-47 and Grenades. Done. But no, the idiots are there. To fail. All the missions so far have been ridiculous. The game itself is awesome, so don't get me wrong. Building skill, finding everything, scoring, awesome. Unique stunts, weaponry action, driving ability, awesome. I've always been a 100% score guy, but hate storyline. So don't get me wrong I have positives as well as negatives. The title of this thread is: Things you dislike in GTA V So my on topic points are these missions suck major ass.
  7. Wow. Never played a GTA Game before? Amazing. Welcome to the group new guy.
  8. Alternatives, stealth, creative driving, and NOT having your idiot friends get killed. By idiot friends I mean anyone who is not you. (You being max skilled already, as homework has been done) Alternative mission absolution is what made GTA famous since GTAIII. Anything linear, is....non GTA. Think creative. That is what I mean. Max skills should reflect. These missions are lame.
  9. GTA Underworld still exists. Entrance 1: Chumash Enter at the for sale property, the area like a door, with rope across it. After a fly cinematic, you will exit a few yards away, minus a bit of health. Still examining this good entrance, but a vehicle cannot enter. (Tried bikes, etc.) Any other underworld entrance points found?
  10. L0L. Considering the source of that comment. Fun is one thing, but standards are another. These missions are R* devs taking shortcuts. Not anything like the epic missions of previous games.
  11. Wow the story missions are such dogshit. Great to be exploring, doing the unique stunts, races, mapping the armor and weaponry, and collecting the 50 scraps. But yeah, what a bunch of crap missions. I expected a higher standard. These really suck ass.
  12. Like in previous GTA Games, armor gets depleted based on how much damage it receives. This is why I always explore first, and find spawns in every GTA.
  13. Re-spawning armor, weaponry, and health, if anyone needs help with their game. On land and now under water at the various aircraft crash sites, sunken ships, and pipeline debris points. GTA V Spawn Basics, an easy way to max out on certain ammo: With most weaponry, just stand over the spawning spot for a period of time. The spawn sound will ring each time of re-spawn and soon you'll be maxed out on that ammo. Examples: The grenade launcher maxes out at 10, Molotovs max out at 25, RPG maxes out at 20. But the assault rifles, in both categories, as well as snipers, go way past 1500 rounds. GTA Game Series Basics, Pump Shotgun and Health: As with all previous GTA Games, jump in a police car. After the pump shotgun is obtained, each additional entry yields 10 shells. The same holds true for the ambulances, you can still fill up on health by jumping in them. Sprunk, Cola, and the few food items available also max out your health. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Armor : 1. Los Santos homeless shelter behind the strip club, under the freeways. Health there as well. 2. The Land Act Dam, central open room at the top of the dam, health on 2nd level below this. 3. Construction site due north east of Franklin's safehouse. Molotovs there as well. 4. Maze Bank / Del Perro Station, near red sculpture, across from Bahama Mama's. 5. The metro/subway tunnel being built. Access from the tunnels, or the freeway construction hole. 6. Vinewood Hills house construction site near Beaver Bush Ranger Station. 7. In the boat shed, Millers Boat Shop in Galilee, on the Alamo Sea at the base of Chiliad. There is also another armor at this location, just go up the dock from the water and turn left at the barn. 8. At the pool of the Pink Cage Motel in Alta on Meteor St., directly west of the playable tennis court. 9. Sandy Shores, behind the County Sheriff Station. Health in front of SS Medical Center next door. 10. At the bottom pf the Pacific Ocean, at the sunken freighter, Pacific Bluffs, west of the Tennis icon. 11. Grapeseed, a small barn with a tractor in it, next to a large barn. West of the top of the town map. 12. Lost MC Trailer Park, Stab City, south shore of Alamo Sea, next to the Carbine Rifle. 13. Behind the Vespucci Police Station, in the courtyard near the large sculpture. 14. Vinewood Police Station in Hawick. It's at the end of the ramp down to closed garage. 15. Good find by BlackSox9, LSPD interior. (Impound icon) Armor and a Sprunk machine. 16. Bottom level, climbable building behind LS County Fire Department Fire Station 7, El Burro Heights. 16. Good find by TheAnalogKid2112, on the off-road truck race course, Great Chaparral. 17. Redwood Lights Track, Grand Senora Desert, on top of the large cylindrical water tank. 18. In the lower level electrical area of the Galileo Observatory up in the Vinewood Hills. Health is everywhere: Wherever there is a soda machine, Sprunk or Cola, that will refill your health. Other than that, eating store snacks, or jumping in an ambulance, here are health pack spawns.... 1. Galileo Observatory, Vinewood Hills. 2. Vinewood Medical Center. (All Medical Centers have it on their walls as well.) 3. Behind a Richman Glen (Yoga) Mansion in the hills, east of Chumash, north of Richman Tennis <5/8> 4. Sandy Shores Hangar. 5. Paleto Bay, behind the Bay Care Center. 6. Lost MC Trailer Park, Stab City, south shore of Alamo Sea. Check the toilet in the graffiti bomb shack. 7. Mirror Park, island drinking fountains. 8. Grapeseed, north of the Discount Store, opposite side of the street, in between two buildings. 9. Downtown Vinewood behind the Pitcher's Club, in the trash and dumpster area. 10. Every underwater crash site will have a health pack. 11. Del Perro Beach, 2 of 3 lifeguard stations northwest of the pier, and the 2nd southeast of it. 12. Behind the Pill Pharm building, in Rockford Hills. 13. Mount Zonah Medical Center, Rockford Hills. 14. El Burro Heights, LS County Fire Department Fire Station 7. 15. El Burro Heights, behind St. Fiacre Hospital. 16. Harmony, in the parking lot of the Eastern Motel. Crowbar: 1. Behind the "Tractor Parts" store/shop, east of Stab City at the intersection of Zancudo River and Alamo Sea. Northwest Grand Senora Desert at the little loop on the map. 2. Cluckin Bell Farms/Factory, Paleto Bay. From the front, far left building, under the Bell Farms sign. It's in the area with a dumpster and stack of wooden palettes. 3. Hang Ten Surf Rentals & Lessons on the Great Ocean Hwy, in the machine shop/repair area. 4. Construction site first level, in Alta north of Vinewood, with one of the largest climbable cranes. Knife: Inside a graffiti covered shack in Sunset Shores Trailer Park, home of the Lost Biker Club, Stab City. Golf Club: 1. Play golf with Michael on a friend activity. Your club will show up in your inventory. Baseball Bat: 1. In a fenced dumpster area at the south eastern end of Elysian Island / Voodoo Place. 2. Behind the Bayview Lodge, Paleto Forest / Procopio Promenade. (The big lumberjack statue) 3. Grapeseed, an old barn on a farm with growing tents. About 3 blocks east of the Discount Store. 4. Good find by gtagrl, graffiti covered shack full of portapotties beside Hookies, North Chumash Hwy. 5,6,7. Vinewood, Richman, and Vespucci baseball park. *So far every baseball field that I've found except Chamberlain Hills Park, has a bat. Just like in Fallout. Pistol: 1. Burned out shack on the Zancudo River, west of Sandy Shores Hangar. 2. The recycling center of Lost MC Trailer Park, Stab City, south shore of Alamo Sea. 3. Behind REBEL Radio Station antenna, Grand Sonora Desert. (South of Hangar) 4. Converted bus/storage area in the Salvage Yard, La Puerta. Access from LS River or Alta St. 5. Paleto Bay alley between Golden Buns Bakery and Peckerwood College Style. (Across from Hen House) 6. In Rancho, an alley behind the LSDWP, east of Franklin's Towing Yard. Pump Shotgun: Other than police cars, it appears that every underwater crash site has a pump shotgun with the other loot. 1. Underwater pipeline debris site, south of Banham Canyon, west of Richman Tennis Club. Micro SMG: 1. Underwater in Banning, in between two bridges, south of Rancho / Dutch London Street. There is also health, armor, a pistol, and a pump shotgun, at the red marker in the image below. 2. Underwater at the Tropic crash site named Olifantus, south of Fort Zancudo. (NW of the bridge.) 3. Underwater aircraft crash site, south of El Burro Heights, east of the 4 star zone. 4. Underwater cargo liner crash site, north east of Mt. Gordo. SMG: 1. Backyard of a house down the street from Franklin's lock up, enemy territory. Grove street cul de sac. Approach from back of the house via LS River, or the front has a graffiti bomb on garage door for I.D. 2. Under water aircraft crash site, east of LS Port near Elysian islands. Also armor and health pickups. Grenades: 1. On a dock in Galilee, directly across the Alamo Sea, from the SS radio station. 2. Two pickups, aircraft crash site underwater south of El Burro Heights / Palamino Highlans. 3. Underwater pipeline debris site, south of Banham Canyon, west of Richman Tennis Club. Molotovs: 1. Construction site north east of Franklin's safe house. Open air top floor. 2. Back of the Alamo Sea Marina building, "The Boat House of Sandy Shores". 3. Under the first small bridge of the freeway going north past Zancudo Air Base. (After the tunnel) Sticky Bombs: 1. Vespucci Canals / Prosperity St. house construction, 2nd floor near the schematics. 2. Underwater in Banning, in between two bridges, south of Rancho / Dutch London Street. 3. Underwater cargo liner crash site, north east of Mt. Gordo. Sniper Rifle: 1. On top of a yellow circular tower at the Cluckin Bell facility, Paleto Bay. Can see it from Ammu-Nation. Comes with 10 rounds and re-spawns every few minutes if you want to max out. I stopped at 650 rounds. The tower is far right of the Cluckin Bell Reception double doors. Jump fence, climb ladders. 2. Near one of the corner viewing telescopes at the Galileo Observatory. 3. Palomino Highlands underwater south of the NOOSE HQ, Just before the large island. Sunken ship. Carbine Automatic Rifle: 1. At the Lost MC Trailer Park, Stab City on the south shore of the Alamo Sea. I'm still unclear if this is there before you have the mission where you destroy the trailers. 2. Underwater at the US Airways crash site, Paleto Bay, north of the long strip of land out in the sea. AK- 47 Assault Rifle: 1. Underwater aircraft crash site, south of El Burro Heights / Palamino Highlands. East of the 4 star zone. 2. Underwater pipeline debris site, south of Banham Canyon, west of Richman Tennis Club. AA-12 Assault Shotgun: 1. In a hole in the ground, in the LST subway construction area, with armor. Scaffolding has health also. This is the tunnels used in the Jewelry Heist mission. Found it long before the mission on my first game. Here is the back entrance which cops will never go into. Easy 3-4 star escape. Plus gang members spawn there so more money and ammo. Note this escape works for 100% of all robberies and wanted levels. Follow it through to construction site right before the freeway hole in the underpass. Get to know this route. 2. Another AA-12, Altruistic Camp, open building in the north west corner, near the RPG and Armor. Grenade Launcher: 1. Underwater in the eastern island cove, largest horizontal inlet on the map. The coastal point is due south of Davis Quarry, and north of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station. There is also health and an alien spaceship component under the water. Jetmax spawns in the cave. RPG: 1. Palomino Highlands underwater south of the NOOSE HQ, Just before the large island. Sunken ship. 2. Underwater pipeline debris site, south of Banham Canyon, west of Richman Tennis Club. 3. Altruistic fort on top of Mount Josiah. Trevor can walk around, Franklin & Michael treated as hostiles.
  14. Have a good first game play through, everyone. See you in a few. I won't be completing this game anytime soon but just enjoying it. Later.

  15. Dammit, TTWO is down. Below what I bought at. After years of 100% scoring, this time I am hoping the game does well for a different reason. I'm a share holder.

    1. Brian


      Also, the stock has never gone over $29.00 and in the past year has stayed under $18.00, your 10 shares won't really do much for you anyway.

    2. Synch


      It worked fairly well after the San Andreas release. 100 shares, not 10. Only looking for small gain, but not a loss.

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      You're not gonna have a big gain... And no offense but you obviously don't know all that much about investing.

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    Finally went for the 'supposed' trick of exiting the Enclave Mobile Crawler at the top, (before triggering detonation) then re-entering. Surprisingly, the glitch is true for XB360. Gotta do it before you blow the place. All of the dead Enclave then could be re-looted. I only did it once instead of continuing for infinite ammo. Just goes to show there is no end of awesomeness to the exploits found in the original Fallout 3. Why did I not find this before anyone else I will never know, not thorough enough I guess. I think Fawkes and I walked out of there with about 4,300 lbs of loot from base total. Tops my previous hauls of like 3,000 lbs or so. Love this game. EDIT: This file is now on hold with at least 1 DLC to go, as I'm on GTAV now......
  17. Lighters and Shaders. All part of the team. At Digital Domain in Venice Beach the VFX Supervisors, artists, and animators move from films like Spiderman and Ironman to games like GTA and Fallout easily. My closest friend Carlos worked on Thor and then moved to one of the Madden football games for EA. You should still pursue it DuPz!
  18. Holy shit, i had to take like 6 double takes on this photo. it looks like RL re: RL Spectacular isn't it? That's why we call it "photo-real" in the TV and VFX for film biz. The artists can freelance for projects between companies nowdays, graphics 2D and 3D software and CG has gotten so good. Not just proprietary software like Nuke and Shake anymore. They go from Visual Effects for film, then to games, then back to VFX, etc. They have a great career! Get involved, go to school for it while you're young. I'm just an engineer but have met some really cool people working in Los Angeles.
  19. Yep. There seems to be a few more likenesses to Br Ba. Not necessarily references, but I can see influences and similarities for sure. Meth, the family issues, younger man/older man relationships, etc. The show has been going on for years during the development of GTA V, you know the devs were fans. I forgot that I found Id Software's tribute easter egg in RAG3 before I ever even saw/became obsessed with Br Ba. Turns out that Vince Gilligan scripted Jesse playing RAG3 *first*, then after the show featured the light gun and fight scene where the game gets knocked off the shelf, Id threw in the grill easter egg as a return tribute and nod to him, for his free advertising. (So many responses like "What is that game Jesse is playing? It looks awesome!") I would not be surprised at all to see more drama-based (not easter eggs) similarities to Br Ba in GTA V. And yes, like Heisenburg's wife, I already hope to kill Michael's wife....
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    Bones I used your trick of leveling up on both good and neutral by using this method. (For the achievements) Go either way into level 8, I think it was, go to previous save and adjust karma approprietly for same level again. Last character on Fallout 3, finally went neutral on a couple of levels. Still haven't done evil on any file. My current game, this dude (yep finally played a dude) got all the way to level 30 before even looking for dad L0L.
  21. Most certainly. That's *exactly* what it reminded me of. I still think the NoHo guys could've gotten away, but they were showboating their awesome gear and died doing it..... Trailer looked great. Looking forward to trying to exploit everything possible.
  22. 1. Pre-ordered normal version from local Gamestop. 2. Got the 2-sided poster. 3. Took that week 17-21 off work -vacation. 4. Told to show up at midnight if desired otherwise pickup anytime on the 17th. I remember R* pre-orders were always *late* deliveries in my ordering past.
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    Victoria Watts. I'm sick of this bitch.
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    You just reminded me of the Fallout 3 folder on one of my externals. Makes me want to reload all the old PC saves, I remember having Megaton and the Tenpenny suite. L0L again at me here to fix shinies.
  25. No one invites me. I will slaughter every living thing alone.