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  1. Love my bows and arrows. Stealth and Archery were maxed out at 100 first. Ebony, max smithed and variously max enchanted.... Daedric and Ebony arrows here.... Thu'um Master, learned all 3 words of the final shout. Now have all the shouts (x3 words) for the base game. Sovngarde was just beautiful. If the afterlife is that good take me now. I thought one last detail about the end was interesting. I guess the DLC's are next. ...
  2. Noted... if I ever make it out of the Wasteland... There's nothing wrong with being lost or stuck in the Wasteland. I've loved it forever. Skyrim will wait for you, and you will enjoy it as you have Fallout. I just can't believe it took me so long to get on board with this game Gin.
  3. You've probably had to answer these questions many times, but thanks again. Seems I've always been on the right path. I still have to go through the DLC's this time, but already have a next character in mind. Bethesda, bro.
  4. Now we are getting somewhere. I'll go loot all their remaining Blade shit and be on my Dragonbro way. Paarthy? Doesn't P-Nax sound cooler? Thanks for the help, really cool, I was pretty much already on that side.
  5. How do you think up those awesome answers so fast It's like am I a Mexican, or a Mexican't ? I'm guessing that dealing with Paarthanux in favor of the Greybeards is the Dragonbro. Looking at the path by actually speaking with Paarthanux first, then the Jarl of Whiterun... One would never know that you even have to speak with Esbern. [blades] The work detail said speak with him or Esbern. You learn Odahvling shout either way, their dialog is almost identical.....
  6. That was the shortest Civil War in my gaming history. Interesting to go to the various sites after and see the results...... Now the big question for Massacre, bOnEs, gtagrl, or anyone who can discuss seriously and not spam the thread. It's the end, and the first step is dealing with Paarthanux.. Side with the Blades, or side with the Greybeards? In favor of the Blades: I've already learned all the shouts, so no need for the Greybeards. [Or meditating on words] In favor of the Greybeards: I've already recruited 3 Blade warriors, received Esbern's potion, all the Blade gear, etc and need no help killing dragons.
  7. Mehrunes' Razor. Had it since Level 20, and I'm at 77 now. Pretty much every side quest done, large or small. Explorers don't miss much, son, that's why I was asking Massacre, bOnEs, gtagrl...... If there is anything I've missed other than the Companions, I want to do it now before game end and I start the DLC's.
  8. Main quest time, and some questions. I've read like 30 pages back and looks like you've all had a lot of fun with this game. Love the political commentaries on the philosophical differences for Stormcloak, or Imperial. Both arguments are spectacularly represented here. Even before I invaded their party for Delphine/The Blades, for some reason I hated the Thalmor. On that mission, I read their dossiers. That was an eye-opener. There is one about Ulfric that states he is a kind of sleeper agent for the Thalmor. (Not exactly just similar interests.) They manipulated him back in the great war so that he would eventually create a rebellion to weaken the empire. That dossier also states that neither side must win, and that they just want to sit back until both sides die out, and they can continue their conquest. Any input on this for the Civil War? Imperial - or Stormcloak? I know that whichever side I join, the other will not attack (unlike Fallout) if unprovoked. So travel to the major cities is still allowed. Not worried about that, just the thought of the Thalmor controlling Ulfric. Should I continue to search out little side and misc quests, or go for the end?
  9. You may not know what you are missing....maybe.
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    Since moving to the east coast 5 years ago I've had a dream 3 times about shit falling out of the sky. Aircraft, aircraft parts, whatever. Maybe the effect that 911 had on people out here. Different than California. I survive each time but it is graphic and weird.
  11. Synch


    That's a great quest for a number of reasons, mainly the Blackhawk reward. You can totally stealth your way through it using the white noise flushes, and a little skill. Just kill everything with FIRE FIRE FIRE. Then also have some sheet music for Agatha when returning the Soire Stratavarius. Your stealth, lockpicking, and lurk killing skills should be upped after. Plus the caravans stop at Agatha's. No you can continue on.Broken Steel is epic, long, and cool. It will eat your leveling up for sure. Try the first DLC Operation Anchorage first for the XP and massive rewards. Not much really, it's your choice. Gatling Laser is awesome, and the rare variants found in the Deathclaw Sanctuary and at the Adams AFB during Broken Steel. Other than that, it's the one given to you by Harkness, and a few other rare ones. I go pyro and sniper myself. Fooled around with the energy weapons but only to max skill. It's a natural thing to go to New Vegas next. Different story, location, and character.....not sure about the lore part but yeah. Not the same character, but the timeline is like, parallel, er something. Out west in NV, the Enclave is but a "remnant"'s all about Caesar's Legion vs. New California Republic, and Mr. House and his NV Strip. There are more than a few factions but those are the main 2 and Mr.House...... It's the same feel but different. You'll love it Gin.
  12. Yes, so I found out. What an interesting twist. Sad bit there, back home at the Brotherhood. Completed the rest of that arc, bought everything for the Dawnstar Sanctuary. Kind of creepy to hear the torture victims all the time. At least I still have Three Dog, er I mean Nazir, and my daughter Babette the 300 year old vampire. (I realized half way through the game it's the same voice talent from Fallout 3) Started rocking the Daedric Armor, max smithed and some enchantments. I think it looks awesome. Can't wait to try this game out on my PC. Too many problems with the old 360.....
  13. Just read that. The guy is eating his final meal as we speak.
  14. Bethesda is Bethesda, bro, be it Fallout or Elder Scrolls. They're all amazing. Once you're done with Skyrim (5 years from now), you should give Oblivion a try. It's older, and that age shows, but it's a damn fine game. The world is more varied than Skyrim, too. Trying hard not to finish but I'm maxed on skills with few missions left other than the main story (Blades) and the war. Thieves Guild Master, Archmage of the College of Winterhold, Thane of 3 Holds. Been a really fun ride leveling up and learning the game. Didn't go for the final Companions, because first play through. Staying a human. To finish being the head of the Dark Brotherhood will affect the outcome of being in the Imperial side of the war. But that is just an oversight, I've gone so far without joining yet, might as well complete Dark Brotherhood's finale = the big one. I have crappy photos but one thing I noticed is that Illia from Darklight Tower as a companion, the expert mage, will lose her robe and run around in bikini if you provide her with the execution hood. Good times L0L. Note: dismiss her and unlike other companions it's pretty much goodbye. I read she can be recruited into the Blades though.... Yep my first play through is as an Imperial girl, and she is is worth about 500K right now. She loves to run around in her underwear as well, getting all kinds of funny comments. Illia and the Imperial at the peak of their relationship in Solitude:
  15. Synch


    It's how I always do it every play through, lost track after 20. Concurrent with the final chapter of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. After *all* information has been gathered from Pinkerton, for both quests simultaneously, then you have the failsafe code to go to Harkness. Of course the lone wanderer has already spoken with, and accepted the mission from Zimmer. After speaking with Pinkerton, go to Harkness, tell him the truth, when he doesn't believe, use the failsafe code. This will make him want to kill Zimmer. Dialogue is basically give me the gun I'll do it. You then get Harkness' reward AR-21 Plasma Rifle. Then go to Zimmer and tell him the runaway android is Harkness, and get Zimmer's implant reward. Then kill him and his mook. You'll get a few things, but more importantly the satisfaction of the kill. Go back to Harkness and report it's done, completing the Replicated Man. Reporting to Moira completes the Guide. YAY! You're still a greedy homicidal maniac. Success.....
  16. so.fucking.addicted \to this game right now. just started, already at level 19. Stealth, archery, imperial female thane with facial scarring, awesomey. Have about 5 different types of bows, like long bow, hunting, imperial, ancient and it's the dwarven one I think, being the best at 23 damage. Modified at the workbench or wheel, still learning which is which. I cannot believe how addicting this game is......
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    Don't think so. I've dropped dozens of bottlecap mines around enemies while wearing the Chinese Stealth Armor.....must be same effect for Stealth Boy. Just make sure it doesn't wear off too soon, because if you are un-prepared, there are a lot of heavily armed slavers there. Note the Rocket Launcher guy up in the tower. Helps to take him and any Minigun types out first. You can do it, it is really easy. Sometimes guns blazing is better than stealth though! I usually go in with various flamers like Burnmaster, Rapid Torch,etc....grenades, maybe a few nuka grenades for a cluster of 3-5 slavers. 2 side quests within Paradise Falls other than the actual slaving quest given by the main entry guard: If you didn't see Squirrel running at you when you first went in, make sure you talk to the kids after you wipe all the slavers out. You'll get into Little Lamplight as a hero. Also the armory guy has a side quest involving 20 Chinese Assault Rifles. If you've donated them to him, you'll get them back by cleaning out the camp and then taking the whole armory. I stash everything in the entire place in the fridge outside in the food/bar area. Fast travel point is out in front by the guard. Also conveniently for the hundreds of caps you'll make on just shit items, the trading caravans appear in front of Paradise Falls. If you don't see one of the caravans, do the wait-button for an hour, or two, they will appear making your moving the stash easier. Don't forget to get everything at Paradise Falls, there is some spectacular loot there, especially in Eulogy's Pad.
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    The locations that you discover, like train station entrances/exit gates - will have a garbage can outside. Then you can fast travel back to the location once discovered. Then make trips to and from Megaton or other pad. When I forgot where they were like you said, I started stashing loot in cans next to a fast travel location spot. One play through, the game locked me out of a certain interior, that's when I consolidated ideas, and started stashing in outside garbage cans, near a fast travel point. Sometimes gotta walk a ways while over encumbered. Glad to see you're enjoying the game Gin, it is awesome. I always go back to Fallout 3 and FNV..... Right now I just finished up the final DLC's for both, on like 20th play through. Have fun man.
  19. I had the fortune of finding this on my 2nd play through, early on. Missed it on my 100% file, it can be found right after Trevor's first LS heist..... Trevor talking to Mr. Raspberry Jam: "(Listens) Hehehehe, you are a naughty bear Mr.Jam" "Aren't you a trooper? Aren't ya?" "Koochy- koochy-koooo" "Friends Forever" "Mmm, How could I say no to you, heh?" "(laughing quietly), hehehe, if you wanna do that we're gonna need a safe word....." "mucky nose, naughty" "Mmm Look at you, mmm." "(cough) uh, I am vanilla by your standards" "Hmmm? Oh you have the filthiest mouth, you know that! "Mmmm, you'll keep our secret...."
  20. Life is good with a Fort Zancudo glitch to steal the minigun, Lazer, and Buzzard for storage. 2nd playthrough is amazing. Got the Altruistic Requirement as well. Trevor rules.

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      I can't load a new game. It freezes on the loading screen every time. No Second play though for me.

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  21. Minigun! 6th floor of the air control tower at Fort Zancudo. All credit goes to xXMeLikeBigBoomsX for the tip. This is how I did it: They way I got it there was the "Target Practice" mission glitch, on my 2nd play through. This is a cheat-free glitch in the game that (still) works as of 1-8-2014 on XB360. Before you start the Trevor mission it helps to have bought the SS Hangar, as we will be looting Fort Zancudo. Start the mission. Instead of following Cletus up the stairs, set destination point to the FZ entrance north. Call a Taxi or drive there, Taxi is faster. Enter the base and find the tower. Climb the stairs to the 6th floor. The weapon is right there on the floor. Re-enter as many times as desired, for 1,000 rounds each spawn. (I stopped at three times = 3,000 rounds, but you may want to try for more yourself.) Then grab the Lazer and fly it to your hangar and park it. This is the equivalent of the Hydra in GTA San Andreas, with full weaponry, and also works great in the knife flight missions. Taxi back to the Fort and grab the Buzzard. Fly it back to your hangar and park it in the helicopter spot. Taxi or drive back to Cletus to complete the mission. After mission completion saved you will have the minigun, Lazer, and Buzzard. NOTE: This is a no-kill humans mission so you may or may not have difficulty stealing the Rhino Tank, much less a facility to store such a large land vehicle. I played with it but did not store it as obvious notes.
  22. Del Perro / Vespucci Beach Street Boat Happened maybe because I was driving it and decided to go to the shrink as Michael....
  23. 100 % Completion.

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      Well done!

      Does this mean we'll see you in GTAO now?

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      Yeah gtf on Synch!

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  24. I saw a veterinarian pet center next to a chinese restaurant. Coincidence?